Discussion about the C7

I had a rough transition from .148 to .153 but after I pulled the iris zwave repeaters everything went smooth.

The only issues I’ve had with 153 are as follows:

  • after the upgrade my C7 decided my garage rear door was opened and refused to arm night mode until I went out and opened and closed it several times.
  • my Hue Dimmer remotes keep falling off the Zigbee network and require me to press buttons until they rejoin.

Other than that 153 seems ok.

I had a bunch of devices go not responding and wouldn't fix with individual repair. I pulled the Iris 3210-L2 zwave repeaters and everything went back to running snappy.


The only powered Zigbee devices I have are 8 Smart Things outlets. My other 7 Zigbee devices are battery powered, but only the 2 hue remotes are dropping off. I’ve re-paired them a couple of times but it hasn’t helped.

My zwave network seems fine, it’s just the Gen 5 recessed door sensor in the garage that falls off after a firmware upgrade.

The frustrating thing is why should a repeater do that? (Rhetorical question.)

Do you have a Hue hub? Maybe that's something to try.

I know for bulbs it's recommended but not sure about other zigbee Hue devices.

Yes but I only run that for my hue bulbs. The hue dimmers don’t show up via the integration with the hue hub last I checked.

Dunno, one weird thing now though is all my devices show as Ok including all the battery devices. Previously they would go to Not Responding or Failed until triggered again. There was never any issues with them but they all stay Ok now.

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This is an interesting post. I still run off a C4, platform I also have a C7 running which I hope one day to be able to make it my main hub. On the C4 hub I have two Iris 3210L (not L2) devices I installed a long time ago as zw repeaters. My C4 hub is rock solid, although I do reboot every morning at 3:45 am. I guess my question is should I remove the 3210L's I have installed, or better yet, no migrate them to my C7 hub when the time arrives?

I'd just try it and see. If you have a bunch of not responding devices then you have a possible suspect. If not then it's all good. I still use a few for the Zigbee side and just left the zwave side off. Also possible I could add a them after without any issue but I never tried.

Interesting, I've had some of these drop off as well, since .156 (that I'm aware of). They were rock solid for months, before the latest update (i skipped .153)

I'm on the C5.

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They were rock solid on .148 for me too but I did notice the issue on .153 too.

The Iris devices are hit or miss with Z-Wave so be careful. There are outlets who have updated firmware that work just fine. Unfortunately there is no way to update the ones who don't have it. As far as being able to tell - there is no hard and fast rule. It's possible that if you have a small bar code sticker on the back then it MIGHT have the updated firmware and will be okay..

Also check here :

Credit for this goes to @ogiewon

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What make contact sensor was involved?

Aeotec recessed Gen 5.


My front door Aeotec Recessed Gen 5 stopped responding last night but then this morning was working. It's showing 9.6kbits throughput but seems to be okay. It is very unlikely that it's a range issue as I have 2 powered ZW+ light switches right next to the door, 2 across the room including a repeater. The hub is around the corner in a closet. The Mesh Details app page shows it having 7 neighbors... and it's only got one hop through the aforementioned repeater to the hub.

I should mention it's paired with no authentication - had to do it via a secondary controller.

I'm okay with slower transmission speeds for battery devices - seems like it would save on power.

What do you mean when you say "stopped responding"? Lights didn't turn on/off, etc?

The "open" event did not fire when I opened the door. There was no response on the device page. I have a sequence in Node-RED that triggers a door open chime and it did not work. This morning it did and things were back to "normal".

Full disclosure - a few minutes earlier I had shutdown the hub, pulled the power, waited and then restarted in order to clear some perceived (but maybe not actual) issues from the Mesh details app page.

I guess it's possible that the contact sensor had not reestablished contact due to it being battery powered.. but I would have thought it would have at least remembered its routes when I opened the door.

With my Homey this sometimes happens too with my shed door sensor (long distance). Sometimes the close message doesn't reach the hub for whatever reason.
In that case, the the open message upon the next opening of the door doesn't trigger because the door was already seen as open.
Maybe you can check the log is there are two close messages without an opening message in between.

Mmmm in the events log it shows it opened at 6:53 pm and then it didn't register anything until I opened then closed it at 11:34 pm - and it only registered the close. So very similar to what you've experienced.

I would suspect a range issue EXCEPT this particular sensor has 7 "neighbors", 2 of which are within 4 feet of the sensor and the others within 10 feet. All of the neighbors are registering strong connections with the hub.

Maybe older ZW+ devices are having routing issues through S2 devices. The door sensor appears to be routing through my Ring S2 repeater in the same room Aeotec 7 repeater in the basement - paired with no security.