Discussion about the C7

How could you tell?

You actually read the terms. :+1:


Of course. Doesn't everyone?

Normal ppl pass out before reaching the end of the first paragraph. :crazy_face:


i think it is the same here you own the hardware.. don't think that clause would stand up in court.. unless you are doing it to steal their intellectual rights and make and sell your own cloned version.. i think that is what they are trying to stop anyway.


Yeah, but good luck getting it under Aussie law. When you buy something from USA, with no aussie website/franchise/distributor, then it falls under USA law, not Aussie.


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Why a heatsink according to my FLIR it's only running about 2 degrees C above room temperature. Even when I run a complex automation that takes about 10 seconds to complete I don't see a change. I think the largest swing I saw was 4 degrees of C when it was doing a software update. All these measurements were done while it was laying horizontal in my basement equipment room which maintains a balmy 20C to 22C degree range depending on season.

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I thought the US right to repair laws invalidated any of that.

If anything has a seal on it that says warranty void if removed is now technically illegal.

I regularly modify all kinds of hardware from phones to trucks. US right to repair law lets you modify it but if any of the modifications you made during the course of your mods or the mods themselves specifically caused the hardware to fail it can void the warranty. On warranty claims for failures of the modified device, the burden of proof is on the company to prove that the mod you performed caused the hardware to fail. This is a pretty low bar in most cases. They cant void your warranty for obvious stuff though. Painting your truck black isn't going to void the powertrain warranty. I do see companies attempt to make their devices very difficult to repair though so that they can claim you damaged the device during the repair. Apple is pretty notorious for this for most of their stuff.


FWIW, everything is working great with my hub now and I have NOT upgraded to 2.2.4. Once I got my USB extension cable, I did an exclude on the Inovelli switch (it turned out that it was not totally excluded from Hubitat before), upgraded the firmware, and added it to my hub. Things are working great and I will let the dust settle on 2.4 before I upgrade. I may even try adding my zwave repeater.


Tried to add the Zooz ZEN25 multiple times and it never added properly - it created a ghost node every time but fortunately, an exclusion seemed to remove the ghost. I think it might be time for me to upgrade the firmware because I thought I heard/read somewhere that the ZEN25 driver was fixed in a 2.2.4 release. Thoughts? Is 2.2.4.xxx stable enough to upgrade to at this stage?

The current release is rock solid and fast - well worth the upgrade.

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This has been the worst upgrade. I am trying to go from C-5 to cC-7. C-5 was working great. I guess the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" My saying is I am not doing anything if I don't break something" I this last update 224.156 doesn't fix this I am sending the c-7 back.
Thanks. Don't release stuff if it does not work.

I upgraded to .153 a couple of days ago (whenever it came out). This morning, I woke up and NOTHING worked. The hub was pingable but the admin page was inaccessible. I rebooted it via the 8081 screen and promptly did the upgrade to 156, thinking that it might be an issue with 153 that was resolved. It is since locked up two more times. I've had the C7 since September (IIRC) and it has never locked up until today. Even still, I've battled zwave issues most of the time I've had it. 148/153 seemed pretty stable but even then, I'd have an occasional device just stop working only to work again in a few minutes.

I can't continue having these issues. This thing needs to work and at this stage, my options are quickly dwindling to moving back to ST, moving everything over to my C3 hub, or abandoning zwave completely and just going with an Echo and its zigbee hub (and I HATE that idea). I'll be completely honest - most of my stuff was previously on ST since 2015 and quite frankly, I never had this level of issues. Things just worked. The issues which started today are just another reminder that I may have made a mistake buying the C7.

I was about to give up on the C7 about a month ago but I decided the effort to move everything off was worth me waiting for another firmware upgrade and fortunately that firmware upgrade seemed to fix many (but not all) of my issues. I'm already hearing it from the wife. It's one thing for a single device to stop working, but if the hub completely craps itself every few hours and requires a reboot, that's not acceptable. I'm just not sure what to do now.


I had a funky issue that happened on a Zooz Zen24 yesterday - it paired but created a ghost and I could not "fix" it. The issue for me was trying to pair it "S2 unauthenticated" instead of what I usually do - just "unauthenticated" (no boxes checked). I suspect it's a device firmware issue but pairing with no authentication (NOT S2 unauthenticated) seems to work - and even if a ghost is created messing around with the buttons on the Z-Wave details page for the device (refresh/discover/repair) and then rebooting seem to make it appear.

Bobby told me that the ZEN25 has a serious firmware issue which affects Zwave, so perhaps the Zen24 does too? He said they're working with Zooz for a fix so maybe that will fix your issue too.

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That would be cool although I've ended up pairing most of the S2 devices with no authentication. Did you try this?

I only have 2 devices which support S2 and I paired them without authentication.

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I am pretty sure I am going back to the c5 tomorrow. I am hoping against hope that I get up in the morning and everything is working. HAHA. Fortunately I have been migrating over a little at a time. All my outside stuff is still on the c5. Can't believe I have a $150 brick with a green logo on it.