DIscrepency between HE and HomeKit - Applicance/device status

I decided to clean up my HomeKit integration to ensure every thing is coherent on both side of the fence.

Use case :

  1. I have a Stelpro Ki Thermostat. I am using the generic ZWave thermostat driver

  2. In HomeKit Integration , It exposes itself as Export as: Humidity Sensor , Temperature Sensor , **Thermostat** Extras: Battery , Humidity Sensor. I disabled the Battery and Humidity sensor, and it exports as Thermostat)

  3. On my Homekit iPadOs 16.2, I see a humidity as if it was exposed ( I removed it as shown above).


I looked on my iPadOS 15.7.2 an d the appliances is displayed as I would expect ( without the humidity).

I understand that IOS 16.2 introduced a new architecture for HomeKit, and I should not rely on version before that, but in my case the older version provides the appropriate UI, not 16.2.

Does all that make sense or not ?

I think this is somewhat related to my other post about a custom driver not exposing the thermostat info but rather only as a switch / temperature sensor... Stelpro KI STZW402WB - #18 by JM4522

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.