Disable, PAUSE or STOP

When suspending a Rule which option do you use?

Disable and PAUSE seems to work on all rules

STOP only works on some rules.

Is there any practical difference between PAUSE/STOP and DISABLE?

I find STOP does work on all my RM rules.
What I was doing early on was hitting STOP then DONE at the bottom.
The rule would never show as STOPPED.
I realised you had to hit STOP then DO NOT hit DONE. Select app list at the top.
It would then be stopped.

Personally I think STOP is better as it means that the rules schedules, if there are any, will be removed.
If you PAUSE a rule you can still see the schedules for the rule at the bottom in the settings so therefore the rule would still run but as it is paused, would exit the rule.
As for DISABLE, I only use this for apps that cannot be STOPPED or PAUSED.


Interesting discussion; I'd like to know about this too.

@bobbyD Do you know what's the preferred method to temporarily suspend a rule machine? would it be PAUSE / STOP / DISABLE? I would imagine DISABLE?


A lot has changed in a year, since last post was made on this topic, but what @bobbles said, PAUSE is the preferred method for most built-in apps. DISABLE for those that don't have pause functionality.

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