Is it worth the trouble to pause rules to save hub's resources?

@bobbyD - It sounds like when I pause rules or room lighting apps, they continue to run and evaluate, but take no actions. If that is correct then I assume they continue to take approx the same amount of resources on the hub (with the exception of resources for activation). I'm asking because I have rules set up to pause many of my rules when they aren't needed (home, away, daytime) with the hopes that I'm saving resources and keeping my hub running as fast as possible. This, of course, causes some complexities because, for instance if I pause a room lighting app when lux goes above X value, if the lights were on, the app won't turn them off. These things can be worked around, but if the resource savings is so little, I wonder if it's worth the trouble... should I just let them run and have the necessary conditions in place to account for the times where I'm now pausing them?


To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it. Pausing rules is more for troubleshooting than preserving hub's resources. Most gains come from simplifying the rules, if you are concerned about saving resources. However, even with many complex rules, any savings are rarely noticeable by visual observation.


Thanks, makes sense... I'll avoid the extra complexity. Even with a number of complex rules (home coordination with my Tesla, coordinating heat pumps with my main heat) I'm happy overall with the speed that things execute, so should be fine.


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