Dimmer switch with native support

Hello all! I'm looking for a reliable dimmer switch that can connect to the hub without an additional bridge. All recommendations appreciated. Thank you.

Location? North America or ?????????

There are a wide variety of Zigbee and Zwave switches. Have you looked at the compatibility list?



Hi there, any Z-Wave and Zigbee device connected directly to Hubitat Elevation doesn't require additional bridge. You can check out the list of devices that our engineers have tested by visiting the following document:


Also you may want to check this thread to learn more about popular devices that our users like:

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Thank you for the response! I'm in the US.

I had looked at the compatibility list but I wanted to know what others preferred/had experience with in terms of reliability. I am partial to the inovelli switches but they are on backorder so I was looking for an alternative.

Thank you! This is what I had in mind.

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Have you seen that Inovelli is coming out with the Blue Series (Zigbee) dimmer/switch? They have opened pre-orders.