Dimmer switch vary by time question

I have a few Zooz Zen27 switches that I would like to have activate manually and the initial dimming be set by time parameters. I.E. I get up at night, yes I'm old, and go to the bathroom and I would like the light to come on at 15%. During the day, it could come on say 75%. I originally thought about a motion trigger, but the wife doesn't turn it on at night, nor does she want it on.

Can I do that?


You could try going to the bathroom at the same time. You could just follow her in the dark.

I don't have any Zooz devices but if there is Level setting in device settings you could add the level setting to the rule. Not all devices allow "presetting" the level before the lights are turned on. If your Zooz devices don't have a level setting, you can have a rule that at a certain time turns on and adjusts to the proper level and the immediately turns off. Maybe a good night routine. A morning routine could set the level to the daytime level and immediately turns off.

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The problem is the dimmer you have selected doesn't have a "default level" setting available in it's configuration. Tapping the top of the paddle will always return the light to the level that it was set to last. What you can do, is when going to bed (if you have a bedtime routine) is turn the light on to 15% and then turn it off to "prep" for the day. Then in the morning you would do the same thing but with setting the level to 75%. This usually isn't acceptable in most situations because you don't want random lights flashing on and off but since most bathrooms are tucked away and often windowless, it usually isn't a big problem.

Is there a dimmer switch you would suggest? I could change it out and use that switch elsewhere.

The Leviton z-wave dimmer has a default setting which is changeable via the driver. Check this post.

Now, I don't own one, I own one of the plug in lamp modules and hate it because I can't find any LED bulbs that don't make it whine like crazy. But I have been told frequently that I could hear a mouse fart in the next county so I am super-sensitive to those types of noises. In general, they get good remarks here on the forum but are less widely used for some reason.

This function is also available in the GE Z-wave Motion Switch. Even if you don't use the motion part, you can set the default level via the driver in HE. Also, this would allow you to use the motion when in day or evening mode but not in sleep mode (so as to not upset the wife).

Inovelli devices also have this feature but you (and I) missed the 10 second window when they had stock available in the last 3 years, so that's not really a viable option unless you can find one on ebay.

Others might have other suggestions for dimmers with a default level setting. But that the term you want to look for "default level".

Another option would be to use a button controller like a Lutron Caseta Pico and smartbulbs. This allows you 100% control over the bulbs since you are not controlling them directly. However, this does not allow you local backup if the hub goes down. I only use smartbulbs where i have a manual backup method (for example, in a lamp. You can turn the lamp off and then on to force the bulbs to come on if the hub goes down. Depending on your risk tolerance and your lighting fixtures in your bathroom, this might be a viable option as well.

Thanks i’ll Check those out. Probably go with the GE.

That's definitely the most expensive but most versatile device. Others might come back with other, recommendations too. Those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Personally I have motion sensors in all but one room so I only touch switches to turn lights off these days.

I was wanting to do something similar using Rule Machine. I'll try posting something over there on my plan and if someone has a good idea, I'll link it to you.

We'll add this function to the dimmers and will post here once the OTA file is available. In the meantime, you could probably go around it by creating a scene with a single tap that would set the dimmer to set brightness and limit it to a given time of day.

So, you can remove control of the load side of the dimmer from the paddle? How would one go about configuring that on the device? How would you turn the single up tap into a scene control vs. turning the device on?

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Maybe I am totally misunderstanding the problem statement? I have the Zen 27's as well and just created this rule:

Corresponding Log:


You could create a mode for that special time of the day and set the brightness levels based on that. I don't have any luminance sensors yet. But I imagine, if you wanted, you could get that involved as well.

Updated the rule to set the brightness level for Night as well:


Keep in mind that this does prevent the dimmer from going to the previous setting during those particular modes.

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But button 1 is double tap on the upper paddle, correct?

No, just a single tap. This may be due to the Zen27's FW. I think I am using the latest with scenes enabled. So technically pressing button 1 (once) is enabling a scene... I am using the double tap on 1 for toggling my breakfast nook's ceiling fan light (KOF). I've also set the double tap on 2 to toggle the breakfast nook fans fan. It turns the fan on to the last speed. The fan is typically set to medium. Not ideal. But it beats looking at the ugly Hampton Bay wall mount switch.

I'll add a log showing my double taps tonight when I get home.

AH HA! so, it isn't ADDING scene capability (like the double-tap for the GE switches) but CHANGING to a scene controller. That's a very interesting way to do it.

Well... Maybe???

I updated the FW because I couldn't change the double tap on Button 1's functionality. Originally, double-tap button 1 (ON) turned the dimmer on to 100% brightness. Also, I don't believe the switch had the double-tap capability for button 2 (OFF) that I desired for my usage model.

So for @CentexHokie and @curtman3 's usage model, if your Zen27's FW is 2.01 or later, you could use double tap on button 2 (or the OFF button) to set the dimmer value to an acceptable level for you at night or per the mode as in my rule example. That would leave the double tap on 1 for setting the dimmer to 100% and leave pressing button one for the last dimmer setting. If your firmware is not 2.01 reach out to @agnes.zooz. She was super helpful in getting me the firmware file and the instructions for the update process.

If you want to change the functionality of double-tapping button 1 (the ON button) let me know and I'll walk you through it.

@matthewschultz92. Thank you that works. If it is up high it flashes and then adjusts to the setting. That will work for me.

That is the same functionality you would have gotten before the firmware update. That isn't being used a central scene controller then.

No you can't. It's not a central scene controller without the firmware update.

I have firmware 2.1. The switch is about a week old.

The latest is v3.0