Differences between C5 and C8 after migration

Several days ago I converted two C5 hubs to C8. The migration went well and everything converted over. I will speak about one of my hubs here. That hub has zero repeaters and only configured for zigbee, zWave is disabled. It sits in the exact same place as the C5 that was migrated from.

The hub has 12 devices consisting of 7 contact sensors, 4 motion sensors, and 1 door lock.

Ever since the migration I am experiencing device drop offs. One day it might be a contact sensor. Another day its the door lock, and another day its a motion sensor. It's a real hit an miss. To recover I pop the battery and re-install it which brings it back.

What is odd is the getChildAndRouteInfo shows this;
It seems odd there are no names of the devices. I don't know if this is part of the problem or just a fluke situation. Anyone have an idea why devices are fall off? Again, no changes were made other than swapping out the C5 for the C8

Follow these steps to notify support. The child routing table is not accurate right now. Hubitat staff are working on these issues.

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