Differences Between C-5 and C-7?

As of Dec 12, 2019 Hubitat files FCC paperwork for Hardware revision C-7. However there website does not seem to track nor show any differences between their different hardware revision. Does anyone have any insight as to what the C-7 revision gets users?

I don't believe it has been "officially" announced. I haven't heard any rumors . . .

Oh man. I certainly don’t need another hub.... but I’ll just have to buy it anyways when it comes out :joy:


What happens when you end up with more hubs than devices? Go out and buy more devices? :wink:


If we where talking Christmas lights bulbs, I could tell you the differences! :grin:


It looks very similar, looking at the FCC docs. Unless the onboard chips are different. Still 2 radios, so no additions there.

I'm glad that I didn't buy that extra hub yet...
I hope that Hubconnect works with the new one...

It's definitely not the same as the C-5. The Z-wave daughter card is completely different.





Other than that, looks identical. Maybe they couldn't get the old card anymore.

Maybe the EU model...

Could be an upgraded Z-wave 700 chip. Aren't the newer chips going to allow for changing the frequency?? That would mean one hub for all areas.


I'll keep buying the old models. Someone's gotta buy 'em!


Just thinking that a single device with no need for external antennas would be easier to sell and distribute. That would make sense from hardware point of view. I know many would like a power upgrade as well, but not sure if that's on the cards.

But it's one more thing for the user to get wrong when setting up the hub. :slight_smile:

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I agree. There are other claimed advantages of 700 series chips, including range. Here's a cut and paste from a Silicon Labs page describing the advantages of 700 series chips.

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Maybe, but an extra region question or the existing hub location shouldn't hopefully confuse tooo much. I mean... I'm guessing people know what continent they're currently on lol. But... Users!

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So with c-8 they could add a GPS antenna and solve that :joy:

or add on a real time clock !
Battery backed of course


I didn't want to ruin the C-7 announcement at the time but eagle eyed viewers of Hubitat Live early last year may have spotted the spoiler in a MacOS notification :wink:


When setting up a new hub, you already put your location.
The firmware could easily work out the region from this.


Have you got a C7 on order for early release Andy? How many? :joy::rofl: