Difference between Polling and Refreshing

I would like to know if there is a difference between Polling a device and Refreshing a device. I have a couple of zwave devices that need their status to be updated and I was going to put it into some RM rules but I am wondering what the difference is?

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Typically no difference. Depends on the driver implementation. Most drivers implement poll and refresh to call the same method.

And you can use the z wave poller app instead RM.

Well I do have that setup as well but some devices seem to be giving me trouble in my RM rules. I thought if I set them to poll or refresh it might help. I noticed that when I select this option in RM there are only devices in the Refresh not in the Poll.

I thought I remember reading that polling uses some type of low energy or low priority messaging. Was I dreaming?

What kind of trouble? Could you explain more and what devices are involved? Honestly I just have 2 devices in the poller (switches), but everything else should work fine for you, is not recommend to have devices refresh in RM, but just the locks should be fine if you have a Schlage like me.

Here's what I was thinking of...

Not sure if it is working well then.

Anyway to get the zwave poller to work with range extenders. I just noticed mine have not worked since october and when i refreshed them they popped back in. Im pretty sure thats why my garage door openers wasnt responding

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