Diese double switch issue

Also review your rules to make sure something is not firing based on an unexpected condition..

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Thanks for that.. question: How does one configure a Zigbee device for a specific channel? I have not found a place to do that...

You configure the hub itself.

Settings tab, Zigbee Details. Channels 15 and 20 are the best, with 25 as second best. Those have the least interference with 2.4Ghz Wifi.


See these charts:

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Thanks, found it! Mine is set to channel 20 so I guess I'll leave it there.

I just moved the hub so it is not about 2 feet from my router rather than the 6 inches it was before.

Way too close! That could be the problem.

I would move it further away if at all possible. Your router is probably killing the poor Zigbee signal being that close.

I realize that. Their switches also have an FCC mark. If I can't verify the FCC mark, why should I trust the CE?


So, the next question is what WiFi 2.4GHz channel and frequency width is your router using? Using WiFi 2.4GHz at channel 1 would be ideal with your Zigbee mesh on Zigbee channel 20. This will avoid the overlap between the two devices. Also, use a 20MHz frequency width for the 2.4GHz WiFi.


I'm guessing that Diese is same a Tuya (which IS FCC certified)

Importing with a "fake" CE mark is not so hard because there is no real certification. But importing with a fake FCC mark would be very difficult.

I guess there is some level of risk with many of these devices. FCC for example, only certifies the RF frequencies, nothing about electrical safety. RoHS is only concerned with environmental impacts. However Diese lists IEC 60669 certification which I understand to be electrical safety as per IEEE standards...

No, that is not how the Tuya architecture works. Multiple independent manufacturers make zigbee devices that conform to Tuya’s zigbee cluster usage and work with the Tuya hub.

Which is why this Diese device indicates it works with the Tuya hub.


China likes to fake the CE mark and when probed about it they say it means China Export.


So it happened again today. Interestingly, at about the same time of day -- about 5:30pm. The switch seems to go into some mode where it is losing/recovering the radio signal... As it does this the light go out, then about 10-15 seconds later go back on. This repeats about 10!times until the connection corrects itself and then the lights remain off but can be turned on and act normally for about 24 hours. Very odd.

I'm thinking it's not wifi interference since no other devices on the HE are affected.. and I have ZigBee and z-wave devices.

So that leads me to think either the switch is defective (unlikely I think, or the failures would be more random, no?) Or perhaps a power issue. Around that time my wife is preparing dinner so frequent opening of fridge, use of oven etc. But at least one time I witnessed we had both just walked into the room and nothing was being done...

So I'm very puzzled. I'd anyone has any educated guesses, I'd love to hear them. Only common thing so far is that my wife is always in the kitchen when it occurs :joy:

Microwave ovens work at 2.45GHZ which is squarely in the middle of Zigbee. Maybe try running the microwave and see if this device drops out?


Seems like a hardware issue - the switch is self-resetting due to possible power supply spikes/glitches when switching other appliances on/off.



It was, in fact, my wife :grin:

I watched as she came into the room and turned on the lights. She used her open hand to reach over, and her fingers touched both touch pads at about the same time. The radio light went on and the lights started their on/off cycle until the radio reset.

So I then tried testing, and yes -- if I touch both switch pads within a second it seems to turn the switch to pairing mode! Odd that it doesn't require a prolonged touch& hold to do that.

But at least I seem to have an answer, and it explains why it never happened unless my wife had just entered the kitchen :joy::joy:

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Hopefully this thread may help keep someone else from going mad..