Did latest app update broke app notifications?

I'm able to see notifications in Hubitat app and they update normally but app itself does not notify anything anymore.
App says:

And that slider cannot be enabled.

  • I have restarted phone
  • uninstalled app
  • reinstalled app
  • log out log in

Same here. Samsung S21. Maybe a beta would have been a good idea. Feels like amature hour.

Same here. So frustrating.

Thanks for your feedback. Our engineers are investigating: [INCIDENT] Issues with notifications on Android Mobile app


S23 Ultra here.
What version are you on?
I'm on 1.6.12 and do not see this issue. Play store says it's the latest, but there is an option to join the beta. Are you enrolled in the beta?

I'm on 1.6.12 with a S23 Ultra.

Haven't received any app updates and believe I am in the app beta pool.

I do see that 1.7.1 just showed up in Google Play for me.

Android (version 1.7.1 - build 138) has been released that resolves the notifications issues. The app will be available on Google Play shortly


Thanks, fixed for me.

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Great, thanks for your feedback. By the way, this is the Beta version. We will be pushing the update to production shortly.