Pixel 8Pro No Notifications

Everything was working fine on my Pixel 7. I upgraded to the 8pro and it hasn't worked since. I reinstalled the app, removed the device from the hub, sent geo event to readd, etc. I of course added the new device to the automations and removed the old one.

My wife gets notifications just fine on her Pixel 7.

You can see the attachments. When I also try to see last notifications sent in the app, it just spins.

It's been this way for months.


Thanks. Just edited to say that this has been the case for months so it's not the latest release unless that was several months ago.

Not that it's much comfort but the app works perfectly on my P8P. What do the settings show in the app?

That is helpful to know it's an isolated issue. Which settings?

Is your phone set up correctly in the app? (App settings page). Also if it shows up as a notification device in HE then it 'should' be working as the phone is seen by HE.

Yes, that's where I sent the geo event from. No notifications are making it to the device, but the notifications show sent in the hub.

In the HE phone app's settings page there is a an "about" field at the top of the page. If you click on it you will see the hub id and phone device id.

The hub id should correspond to the hub id in the hub details in your actual hub settings page that you would open in your desktop browser. Also in your hub devices you should also have a device called Pixel 8 Pro which when you look at the details it will have the same device id as the one found in the phone app. If you don't have any of these then you could just log out and back in on the phone app.

If you have these correctly set up perhaps remove the phone device from within HE and log out and back in on your phone.

Thanks, that was worth checking. Unfortunately the device ID matches. I had already removed the device and readded it, so that makes sense.

I tried logging out and back in, no change.

Time to call in the big guns then @mike.maxwell ?

Anyone? Is there a support team at all?

maybe @bobbyD ?

So this afternoon I both updated the hub to the latest firmware and deleted all app data and reinstalled. Sadly I didn't isolate and test each of those activities, but after four months I have mobile notifications again.

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all good!

I was having geofencing issues with the app on my Pixel 7, even across app updates. But when I finally deleted ALL the app's storage and cache data, removed and then reinstalled the (same version of the) app, my issues then disappeared. So completely nuking the app's persistent data store seemed to be the key for me.