Device Type: Generic Component Window Shade cannot set state?

I use the Home Assistant to Hubitat Integration and have HA "cover" devices, curtains that should integrate into HE from HA as Generic Component Window Shade based on the Driver code. I've tracked it down to what seems to be the Generic Component Window Shade device type not working in my HE, I cannot no set a state. I even tried to make a test Virtual device in my HE with the Generic Component Window Shade device type and the device does not have a state, and I cannot set it with open/close or set position commands.

My HE is C7 on Of course restarted the HE a few times and created a few virtual test Generic Component Window Shade devices with same results. I welcome help/recommendations, thanks.

This will not work; the commands on the device are meant to be sent to a parent device (or parent app), which will then actually perform the action. They are not meant to be used as standalone virtual devices and will not work as such.

There could still be some issue with the driver, but the above alone is not indicative of a problem for that reason. Are you using the built-in Hubitat driver or the HA-specific one that was created for this purpose (I assume before Hubitat had such a driver itself)? This could be a better question for the Home Assistant thread you linked to. Otherwise, if you see any errors in your logs, that may help troubleshoot. (I assume you haven't looked since you would have seen them when using the component driver as a virtual device, too. :smiley: )

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Please turn on logging and then open and close the curtains from HA. Then try to do the same from within Hubitat. Then post both logs in to the main HADB thread so we can try to see what is going wrong.

Thanks for the reply, I searched the HADB thread for "cover" and my answer was in this post, I installed HADB with HPM when it was first published. I didn't have the Generic Component Window Shade driver included. I did a Modify in HPM and added the driver and all my HA cover devices are now in HE.

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Perfect, I'm glad it's working for you now.

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