Device stopped checking in but still functioning

Hi all
I had an issue recently where every single device on my zigbee network was disconnected. Traced it down to an issue with a firmware update or faulty smart outlet, but that is a story for another post. However, since then and having re-paired all my devices back on to the network, one of my ikea smart outlets has stopped checking in. I use the activity monitoring app and it continually warns that the device is not active. I will re-pair again and all will be fine for the 48 hours that activity is set to check against and then it will start complaining again. The device is working fine and follows my automation rules, so no issue with functionality.
Does anyone know if there is a fix to this? Else I will have to remove from activity monitoring and just find out the hard way if it does stop working.

You may want to try upgrading the IKEA control outlet firmware.

Thanks for the reply. I'll look into that post. I assume I'll need to get an ikea hub.

No, the firmware update is now available directly from HE hub.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know

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