Device Pairing Mechanism

I have a question about how the pairing proceedure works.

If I remember correctly, and that is not a given, in ST if there was a custom DTH for a device, then you installed the DTH which would then allow the device to pair????? Without the custom DTH it would not pair??

Is HE the same? Or is the pairing determined by something else and if a device won't pair then a custom driver won't really work until the device is supported?

In this case talking about a Zigbee device.

Any standards complaint Zigbee HA 1.2 or Z-Wave device should pair with Hubitat.
Once the pairing is complete we attempt to match the device with a known driver.
We first look at the user drivers, if nothing matches then we look at the system drivers, if nothing matches then we assign the default "Device".

If a device doesn't pair, and it's been factory reset, and you don't have any interference and or channel issues, then a custom driver isn't going to fix anything.

If you suspect you have an issue with a specific device, post up some information about it, maybe someone has the answers already...

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It is an IRIS Care pendant, which says Zigbee HA1.2 compliant. But it won't pair. But I can still pair it in ST. I have read what others have said here and there seems to be some disagreement on the thing.

I will work on it some more. I'm kinda doing this long distance as it's a friends that I set up on HE. It's possible he isn't doing something right.

I figured if I could get it to pair, then worry about whether I can do anything with it. All it is being used for is a panic button for his wife. Although the way she can yell she can probably be heard a few miles away anyway...:slight_smile:

I have one of these as well and have never been able to get it to work. It's also not on the compatible devises list if its the 3455L single button device

Did it pair?

It's been about six months since I tried it, not sure. But I will try it tomorrow when I'm off work and let you know (if I can find it,LOL)

Just went back and found the conversation. It did pair as Device. Here's the thread:

I have read all that. If I read correctly yours paired and you could see the button push? I have a ported driver from ST that I thought I would try. If I can get it to pair.

Thats correct

Make sure your friend is clicking on the correct Zigbee start pairing button. If they are clicking the Iris v1 Zigbee button, that may be the reason it won't pair as a "Device" at all. Sounds like it is a ZHA 1.2 device, so the normal Zigbee start pairing button should be chosen.

I'm gonna wait till I can go up there to his place. We got it working on ST for now and that will get him by until later. He's got a keypad that is working funky also that I can't figure out. So I have to look at that. He is not technical in any respect. He's a preacher and that kinda explains it. Years ago I was installing some new speakers in his Church. He was helping with the wiring. Suffice it to say I had to redo it. :):smiley:

@tgrant48, reopening this thread I believe you said that you got your Iris V2 care pendant to pair with HE. I have the unit here now and I have tried everything but can't get HE to see it. I have done all the resets, etc. multiple times. Is there some secret to at least to get it to pair, even if it won't do anything?

Never got it working. Its sitting in a drawer somewhere