Device Page - Comment / Note Field - Asking AGAIN

Looking back but not reviewing every single thread where this has come up...I see it's about time to ASK FOR IT AGAIN.

This is useful for more than just Battery Change Date entries but also other reminders about device behavior and "need to reset/reconnect" tracking. Find myself there this morning with a combination of Zigbee device disconnects and questioning battery level info on some. Would be nice to just look at when I last changed that battery without going to the device and looking at what I wrote on the battery...(or otherwise pulling up a spreadsheet).

By this point, with the number of times this has come up, I'd say it's a Best Practice that ought to be made available to facilitate better mesh management. While the mindset might be, "hey, it's on you, and those aren't our devices" we all know that the better the overall environment works and the more collective wisdom/best practices are encouraged... the happier people are with the overall HE setup.

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Are you looking for something like (figured your text was better than an ipsum lorem):



ah, yes....actually. That'll do.

Is that black magic in there already???!

Something I wrote a while back: [RELEASE] Custom Device Note App


Thank you...
for, ah....
"taking note" of the need for this :rofl:


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I find spreadsheets work reasonably well for noting stuff like that. If you've got it on a shortcut it doesn't really take much longer than opening the device in HE UI