Device not showing up with InfluxDB Logger

I've been trying to follow this guide to log data from Hubitat to InfluxDB. All my device shows up and works except 2 Netro Whisper Irrigations.

The faucet irrigation is using this driver which I wrote myself.

Another very similar device also using my own driver had no issues.

In my hubitat Device page, I can see both devices

However, in the "Device To Monitor" under Advanced attribute selection
image the Whisper Faucet Timer just doesn't show up

I checked out the code of InfluxDB of the UI (line 252) but it doesn't seem fishy to me

                input name: "allDevices", type: "capability.*", title: "Selected Devices", multiple: true, required: false, submitOnChange: true

                settings.allDevices.each { device ->
                    deviceId = device.getId()
                    attrList = device.getSupportedAttributes().unique()
                    if (attrList) {
                        options = []
                        attrList.each { attr ->
                        input name:"attrForDev${deviceId}", type: "enum", title: "$device", options: options.sort(), multiple: true, required: false, submitOnChange: true

Any thoughts? Thank you!

What capabilities do you have enabled on your driver? If you do not have ANY, you need to add either "Sensor" (for sensor /reporting devices) or "Actuator" (for devices that do things).

EDIT: I see you have a link to the driver, it has some capabilities but I would try adding "Sensor" and see if that helps.


Adding capability "Sensor" to my code worked. Thank you for the help!

Its good practice to always include either Sensor or Actuator as generic capabilities, as you can see it helps to ensure they show up in some of the selection menus.

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