Device firmware updater : zooz zen51


I'm trying to update my zen51, but i receive the following error when trying any of the firmware files from zooz (tried 1.30 and 1.40)

Device Firmware Updater: ERROR: The transferred image does not match the Firmware Target

Anyone have any ideas?

What’s the firmware version currently on your ZEN51?

According to the device info, v 1.24

How is it paired? No security or with S2?

I paired via smartstart and S2 is enabled

Tagging @bcopeland.

I remember someone else having issues updating the firmware of a device paired securely, and they ended up using PC Controller as a secondary controller to update the firmware.

Hm ok, so the tool cannot update S2 devices?

Anyway to re-pair without S2 enabled?

Yes, exclude, then during inclusion pick Skip security when prompted. As a rule of thumb it's best to leave all devices except for garage door stuff and locks without security. Your mesh will be much happier

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I'm not saying that with complete certainty. I think I remember someone else encountering the same issue with an S2 paired device. I tagged Hubitat's lead z-wave engineer for clarification.

I re-paired without any authentication, but same error :confused:

Device Firmware Updater: ERROR: The transferred image does not match the Firmware Target

First, just triple-check you have the correct firmware file (i.e. not mixed up with another device etc) from Zooz -- you likely do, but crazier things have happened.

Remove that update file from the device updater app to get it back to a clean slate.

Remove the device updater app, and then re-add it. I know that sounds dumb, but that often helps shake gremlins loose.

Reload the update f/w file to the updater.

Try the update again - hopefully it goes well this time!


Just tried that, unfortunately, same error

Is the file the correct type for Hubitat to process it? I know some companies do some weird things to apparently make it more difficult to update. Ask Zooz if they sent the correct file for a Hubitat hub.

Zooz typically sends a ZIP file, did you unzip this before loading it into the firmware updater?

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I'll ask them

If it's any consolation, the update is possible -- I updated mine a while back using the built-in updater.

The file that gets uploaded should be this name and file extension:

(I just realized I can't find the file itself, but I did have a copy of the file name)

When you start the update and select the device, it should then populate the current firmware next (but before you select the updated firmware)-- does that revision number match the firmware information on the Z51's device page itself?

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The 1.3 driver has a different name, but yeah it was unzipped and the firmware version on device page and firmware updater match.

The odd thing is zoos doesnt have a 1.24 in the change log

1.40 is the latest for the Z51

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Have you tried rebooting the hub before trying again? Also, some devices don't update well through repeaters. Can you try getting the device and hub very close to each other?

I learned long ago that when trying to solve a problem, after all the possible causes are depleted one starts on the impossible causes :slight_smile:

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