[Developement Thread] - Irrigation App

Just had a very quick look
I think it needs to poll directly before the calculation (it doesn't at the moment)

If you edit the driver file and look for line 178 (it should be blank)

Add this to as the only entry on the line:


Then save it
This will make it poll before the calculations.

If you look at your screenshot the calculations are done on:
rainTmp1 - rainTmp5

The figures don't line up with the event entries

I'll have a proper look when I get back



If you need the buttons back while testing...
Look for:

// command "createHistory" (line 38)
// command "calculateNow" (line 39)

and remove the // before saving again they will reappear


Version 1.4.0 uploaded to GitHub with addition so you don't need to edit the code


It's been two days since I updated to your version 1.4, so now I have a complete two day history and forecast. I can declare it a complete success. All data collected and calculated.

A question/request: Is there a reason why the Switch Threshold is restricted to an integer value? I could use one decimal of granularity if that's possible.

Thanks for everything. Hope your travels have been enjoyable and productive.

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I work in mm so didn’t think of that! :slight_smile:
I just got back home from a 400 mile drive so am a bit bushed
I’ll have a look tomorrow for you
I probably just need to change ‘toInteger()’ to toDouble() on one setting I think then it should be sorted.
Unfortunately saving it again will probably wipe out the history again :slight_smile:


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It seems that all the work I have done on this is for nothing.
Now I’m really pi$$ed off

I need to look for an alternative way of getting the data from my weather station.


I took a look at the thread, and a couple of persons mentioned this option that's free, FWIW: Products - AerisWeather

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I've changed the input so you can now enter decimals :slight_smile:
Version 1.5.0 uploaded to GitHub

Hopefully I haven't screwed anything else up :slight_smile:


It seems that you can get a developer trial account for two months then it's $25 per month!



I dont know if its for "nothing" ... anyone who is running their own PWS should look at WeeWX or other similar weather station apps - I am going to create a JSON file every 5m on my local weeWX server (raspberry pi) and look to modify any calls so that they pull the local json files

Not a perfect solution - but perhaps if you create a 'standard' json format

It looks like the 'free' level is for 2 months - just signed up and my 'free' account expires 7/17/2018 - then it looks like its $25USD / month for basic access ...

### Invoices

Invoice #<redacted>

Terms:Free for 2 months
Payment Method:Free Signup


* Aeris Developer

Some of the mapping options are interesting for another need, but not looking like the 'free' is more than a dev/demo account - if I am missing something please correct me :slight_smile:

I'm looking at this now
I have my own PWS (and lots of RPi ) so I'm really only interested in getting data from this


take a look at weeWX if it supports your station it is really amazing :slight_smile:

It can create the output pretty much how ever you want it :slight_smile: Basic html output looks like Albrightsvile, PA (Carbon County) Current Weather Conditions

more info http://weewx.com

It looks like my station might be supported
So, is it possible to get the data from the station into a json format so we can add a 'fake' server for the api calls?

W*nkers. Free is free otherwise, it's a time-bombed trial.

Lots of developers for the watch Pepple have switched over to Weather API - OpenWeatherMap for weather forecasts, might be something?

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Yes... I found a Weewx “skin” that can create a JSON file every time it updates (every 5m for my setup)

It should be possible to define a json template for an app and have weeWx create the json to be called and parsed by the app

I am on the road right now so can’t get at my laptop where I saved the json skin link but u should find it with GoogleFu

Try “json weeWx skin github” :wink:

I’m gonna play around with it this weekend because I’m pissed off by this shenanigans by IBM

I’ve tried OWM in the past ... had issues but perhaps they have been resolved

Another avenue to try this weekend :love_you_gesture:t2:

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IBM/WU says that they have not yet cut off current API access. As far as I can tell, the date - though no doubt coming - is indefinite.

OWM does seem like it would work. @Cobra Given the way you aggregate current rain for a short-term historical record, does the OWM api work?

Thanks for 1.5. Looking good.

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If anyone is interested, I have ported the 'Irrigation Switch' driver to use the Apixu API
If you would like to try it please PM me and I'll send you a link as it's not on my github account

Although a bit harder, I'll probably port it to use OWM too at some point (especially if I can get my weather station to report to it)


Sending PM ASAP.

Wonder if it's related, but I haven't been able to get a WU update since 08:53 EDT this morning.

It should be doable - but IIRC it was somewhat convoluted due to their insanity of account vs api account vs station blah blah blah

PM me and remind me ... I'll take a look at how I did it and get you some pointers

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