Dev projects in the works

So I kinda went nutz and now have a backlog of devices.. Based on stuff vendors sent / stuff I bought based on user requests..


  • Zooz Zen26/Zen27 (Central Scene Dimmer / Switch)
  • Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor
  • Aeotec WS6 (W/Dock)
  • HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ (Z-Wave floodlight sensor)

Almost finished (beta):

Not yet started:

  • Nexia NX1000
  • Ring Gen2 Stuff (Ugh, I just finished with V1 when they announced V2)
  • New stuff from RGBGenie (in discussion/not in hand yet)

I always prioritize devices from vendors who send samples vs stuff I buy.. So my priorities may change.. But what of the stuff above is wanted the most?


+1 on this. The one I have works great but who knows what you could have up your sleeve! Amazing work on the zwave updater project!


Didn’t know you had one.. I thought this was a gap.. I feel like I am stepping on your toes now ..

It's a modified version on the one Homeseer posted for ST. I didn't port it, some one else did... I'm looking now to see who

This is in the comments:
FLS100+ Motion Sensor(outdoor)(homeseer)
1.2 Modified for Hubitat and Lux to 0 - jrf

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Ahhh ... Ok.. I thought you made it..

This is all I have on this list :slight_smile:

What I really want is the Fibaro dimmer 2 to work correctly with scenes (button events) the built in one Mike doesn't seem to want to add the simple code for it, to it. The community one doesn't seem to be supported and the dimmer part of the driver seems to have gone abit out of wack in the last few updates. The scenes to button bit is easy for me and I helped the developer fix it for HE but the dimmer bit is too complex.

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The HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ driver I have sounds like the same one @bptworld has. The code was modified by @jrfarrar. You can find it on Github here.

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That's me. I got one early on and wanted to separate the motion sensor from the light. So they worked independently. Hence the modification. I'm not expert and would gladly let someone that knows what they are doing re-write this. If I remember correctly being able to set LUX to 0 allowed the motion sensor to work regardless of light level (aka a motion sensor even during the day). However that then disables the unit itself from automatically turning the light on without going through the hub.