Desk/table fan

Are there any zigbee or z-wave desk/table fans and if so any recommendations? In the UK if that makes any difference.
Failing that any wifi/cloud based with hubitat integration.

Not sure about Z-type devices, but my gut-feel would be USB powered fans are likely to offer you more automation options, at least at the moment.

I'm really wanting something where I can control the fan speed rather than just on/off which I can do with a smart plug. Also something a bit more powerful that what you'd likely get from a USB powered fan.

Fair point.

I expect an RF or IR controlled fan is likely an option to be controlled via things like Bond, Harmony or Broadlink. As for Z-type, I'm not sure...

Yeah I did once have a tall stand fan that had a remote which I controlled via hubitat and a broadlink controller. I think I still have everything in storage so might try and see if I can get it to do what I want before I buy a smaller desk type fan with remote.

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Yeah, when I got a TV mounted on the wall professionally I got the guy to run an extension from my Harmony Hub for an IR blaster, which I expect I may be able to train to control my pedestal fan, but have never checked...

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I control a floor fan with a Leviton DZPD3-2BW Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Dimmable Lamp Module


Maybe not available in UK though

I was wondering about using a dimmer of some kind but when I googled it I'm not convinced it is safe. Can anyone tell me if it is safe or not?

Candeo Zigbee Dimming Smart Plug for Lamps Compatible with Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, and Other Zigbee hubs, to Easily add Smart Home dimming to Any lamp.

Apparently is compatible with hubitat.
Maybe I'll give it a go and see.

I've ordered one so will see. Should be here tomorrow.

I'm not aware of any that have passed UL/ETL/etc. certification in the US that are rated for fans, either. I'd imagine it's the same with similar regulations in Europe. In any case, I'd check the manufacturer's specs. I doubt you will find any for dimming lights or speed control of fans in the same device.
In particular, the one you linked to says "for dimmable lamps only."

If you can find a smart fan switch that would normally be in wall but is otherwise compatible, running it inline between you fan and outlet may be an option (e.g., in a box maybe after splicing the cord, but check what your code allows). There are a few of these in the US. Bond or some integration should also work too if you can find any freestanding fans that are compatible.

Just not sure I'd do the above. :slight_smile:

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Google "smart bathroom fan switch" and you will see a number of options. HOWEVER you have to identify the type motor used in your fan and a typical bathroom exhaust fan. Most likely a shaded pole motor, however I've not worked with AC fans in many many years.


Could you get a table fan with 3 speeds, Bring out the wires from the internal switch and mimic the switch with (probably several) smart relays.

I've ordered from amazon so easy to return if it doesn't work out. I'll just keep an eye on it to make sure nothing starts smoking.

Chickened out and cancelled the order. Just not worth burning the house down for.


Agree 100%! Better safe than sorry, for sure!

Motor Loads (inductive) cannot be safely handled by traditional dimmers designed for lighting.


My understanding is there is a big difference between dimming a lightbulb vs controling fan speed. You need to be very careful about the dimmer switch you choose to attempt this with. Most for smart home use are probably not rated for controling a induction motor of much draw. So understanding the fan is important.

There is also mixed information out there about if it can work and how well it will work. One site i found indicated you can use a fan controller to dim lights as well as a light dimmer to change the fan speed with caveats to each of those. The Dimmer uses a triac which basically causes the light to come on and off real fast effetively reducing the light output. The effect on a fan is more alined with less torque for the motor vs fan speed. The fan controller uses a capacitor that adjusts the voltage. To slow down the fan, but maintain higher torque.

If you are not opposed to the cloud, Govee has several smart fans that have many speeds that can integrate. Unfortunately all use their cloud API and don't have local control.

Are you saying the dimmer or the motor may actually catch fire?

Probably burn up the switch. If it is a decent switch hopefully it stops before becoming a fire hazard.

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Think I'll give the govee option a try.

I've been using it at different level for hours on end and for years with no apparent ill effects to either the plug nor the fan. I guess it is a decent plug.