[DEPRECIATED] Welcome Home


Try the new version Github...

V2.0.8 - 04/18/19 - Fixed quiet time



Excellent job.
Now working again.
Many thanks for your quick response. :smile:


@bptworld When selecting the contact sensors as your trigger do you do an AND or OR if two sensors are selected?


OR ... Takes any one device and a presence sensor to trigger the message. ie. front door, back door OR basement door and presence sensor home less than x minutes.


But if it is two contact sensors, say front door and garage door is that an AND too?


Same answer. It only fires based on ONE event (contact sensor, motion sensor or door lock) and then whether a presence sensor has been home less than x minutes.



I apologize for this, I am new to Hubitat and I don't fully understand how to install this. Do I copy and paste the code from the app I want to install?

Please advise. Thanks for your help in advance!


Install instructions are on Github...Welcome Home


Hey @bptworld Bryan,

Any chance we can get volume working with speech/sync when using Echo devices? I still get the errors in the log that it's not supported

Currently running 2.0.8

Thanks in advance


Looking at your log, line 679 has to do with "Speech Synth" type speakers (typically google stuff). Shouldn't you be using the "Music Player" option instead for Echo devices? Give that a shot and let me know how you made out.



Hey Bryan,

No luck so far.
When I tried Music player, I get an error and I never get anything on the Echo, says no announcement needed

I went through and deleted everything, child, parent and started over
Re-installed the parent app, setup presence devices, all good
Created a new child and when I select Music Player, it doesn't see my Alexa device. If I select Speech device, it sees my Alexa device

Here is the bulk of the child app

Kinda stuck


Okay, what app are you using to get the Echo into Hubitat? I'll try to duplicate it here.



Alexa TTS Manager, found here



@toy4rick You really should look at Echo Speaks. This is the best integration and what most people have standardized on.


Hey Aaron,

Well that wasn't fun, the docs need some work that's for sure and ideally, create a set based on HE.

Bottom line, I got it working and all is well at this point.

Thanks for encouraging me to give it a go



I understand about the docs. Time has been in short supply lately.



Hey Bryan, I'm trying to figure out why WH is being triggered.

Here is a screen shot of my log, WH was not needed at about 6:28 then at 6:32 it announced, when in fact I have been sitting on the couch for the last 90 mins, never left, haven't moved

Here is the child app

Here is my physical device, which hasn't changed since yesterday when we left/returned from a walk

P2, Pie
Using the new HE Mobile app for presence, no other presence like Life360 is being used



When WH triggers it checks the 'Last Activity At' on the device page. If that is within x minutes it will run. Looking at your logs it triggered 6:32:15 with a time difference of 1. So it made an announcement.

If it does it again, take a look at the device page and see what the 'last activity at' says. I can almost guarantee it will be at the same time as the app ran. I can't tell you why it updated, that's up to the device and Hubitat... all I can do is use the data it gives me.


@bptworld, @bravenel

Hey Bryan, it happened again and yes, the last activity is when the app triggered

in this case, all I did was open my front door, which is not tied to HE in any way, no sensors, nothing... My Lux which is part of the WH trigger is near the front door

Bruce, as you an see, I have been home since 2:30PM, yet Welcome Home thinks I arrived at 8:08 and according to Bryan, he is only acting on the data that is provided

Is this somehow connected to the Mobile app and how random it appears to be working for some of us with P2/P2 XL devices (maybe others?)?




Hope you are doing good!

I am still having issues with the "How many minutes can the presence sensor be home and still be considered for a welcome home message" option. Here is the scenario:

  1. Presence person leaves and Welcome Home sets presence away to be notified
  2. Presence person returns, BUT the front door has been open because it is GORGEOUS outside. They enter the home but the door contact is not triggered. The app is set for 4 minutes that they can be home and considered for a welcome home message
  3. Presence person has been home for hours (like 12 hours) and someone opens one of the doors (garage door connected to garage door child or front door connected to front door child). The notification goes off on the associated Welcome home child app.

This is the issue we were working on previously but due to NOAA updates and life I never got back around to it. Really want to squash this bug as the doors being open now are causing a lot of weird false positives announcements throughout the day.