[Depreciated] Aeotec HEM (Gen 5) ZW095-A Driver

I'm running firmware 1.31

Does yours on your C7 look like this as well?

Also, did you set any parameters on yours with the basic zwave tool? I can't seem to get a reading off mine to see what my parameters are set to.

Not that I recall. If I had I would have updated the post. My firmware is newer, but it has a glich, so don't rush to update it .

Did you hit "configure", after saving with all 3 per group selected? I don't see all that extra info.

Select them all again, hit Save Pref, then hit Configure. Post a pic of the read out like I did. It should show the Reporting Groups like above.

Something isn't right... I may have to exclude them (I have two), and re-add them. configure / refresh / reset isn't doing anything at the moment.

Yeah you should not have two. It is one device.

It's not a "them".

It's an "it".

No I mean I have two HEMs... one for dryer and one for whole house. Both are behaving the same with the same settings.

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Oh OK. If you do a Z-wave node repair on one does it respond?

I rebooted the hub and was then able to save the settings and configure. Still gettting no readings out of my HEM for power and current. :frowning: I need to see what parameters are set on the device. Would you be able to use the basic zwave tool and tell me how your parameters are set by chance?


Where is the device located? Can you take a pic?

FYI the device will only work in the breaker panel.

It's in my garage less then 20ft from my hub and my range extender 7. I also have a copy of the 1.31 firmware if you're interested in downgrading. Yes, I have the clamps around my breaker panel mains and the 2 wires connecting to the dual breaker for the dryer. I'm not pulling the panel off again, was a pain in the ■■■ to get on and off to begin with. LOL.

Are the clamps directional ?
Just a thought as I’ve some that only work with current flowing in 1 direction.
Try flipping them

have you tried the built in aeon home energy driveR?

That doesn't break out the clamps separately and doesn't work well with this device IME. When you add the device to the network it comes in as "Device" and is not recognized by the default driver or the community driver.

To be honest I've damn near given up on this unit. It's a shame because in theory it's a good device, but I'm about to throw it in the trash since Ben stopped supporting HE. With the newest firmware on the C7 the device does not work with Maker API, so I cannot use it with NR which makes it all but useless to me. This weekend I'll be testing an accelerometer for my "dryers done" sequence and given up on the energy monitor with this device. It's not worth the time I have already put into it.

Unless HE plans to fully support the device someday the juice just aint worth the squeeze anymore.

I've got 3 between 2 house's. The stock driver does work fine. But does not break out the clamps. Also I have a special driver for laundry that does .

care to share?

i ported from st

That's for the HEM v1, I have the HEM v5. That won't work.

They are and I've got them setup properly with their direction. I had them flipped and the KWH were going negative which are now positive. I just am not getting any reading for Power and Current which remain at -0.002.

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mine are the gen 5 also.. it should work.. try it. but it ewont work if secure. maybe try to repair non-secure.