[DEPRECATED] NOAA Weather Alerts

Anyone got a screen shot of the dashboard tile with alerts ?

No it is there.

Run a test alert and it will show up on the dashboard.

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Thanks Aaron - I didn't realize it was up one level from the app. I appreciate the quick response and the effort that you've put into this very handy app!

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@bptworld’s AppWatcher is for all apps a developer may have (up to 20). So that is why it is in the root.

That didn't work.

@anon61068208 Did you install the NOAA tile driver? Your dashboard should say “No weather alerts.” Then after checking the Test Alert in the NOAA app you should see the test alert pop up and then disappear after 15 seconds.

@aaron Where did you find the list of alert codes for the "Watch a specific Weather Alert?" feature? I've tried finding them on weather.gov but haven't been successful in searching.

We had a severe thunderstorm warning and NOAA Weather Alerts didn't kick off as configured.
I put it in debug mode and found the following URL format was being requested:

URI: https://api.weather.gov/alerts?point=redacted%2Credacted&status=actual&message_type=alert&urgency=immediate,expected&severity=moderate,severe,extreme&code=TOR,TOW,WRN

I put that in a browser and weather.gov didn't return the warning.
I found Weather Underground's list of codes in a home assistant post here and it showed SVR for Severe Thunderstorm Warning, so I thought I would try that code with Weather.gov.
I appended this to the URI and it then returned the active warning:

URI: https://api.weather.gov/alerts?point=redacted%2Credacted&status=actual&message_type=alert&urgency=immediate,expected&severity=moderate,severe,extreme&code=TOR,TOW,WRN,SVR

@rayzurbock Thank you for finding this! I was using a reference from an incorrect web source. I found the correct weather event codes being used by the weather.gov api and have added many more options. Updated version posted.

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v2.1.1 - fixed Weather Alert Event Codes

This is a fix for the weather event codes. If you were using these please update from new list.

Glad I could help.

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How about making the Echo Speaks volume a OPTION instead. I have run aroound the house and re-adjust every echo volume.


v2.1.2 - added ability to restore volume for EchoSpeaks devices

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namespace: "Aaron Ward", should have no spaces.

Spoke to soon. It should restore the original volume for each device. Not everyone will listen at the same level.


As for the namespace I can remove the space...doesn't really seem to be utilized anywhere in HE so didn't think it really mattered. But that is ok.

As for Echo Speaks and restoring each device to whatever the level was prior, I don't believe this is possible. I don't see anywhere on the forums on how to accomplish this task. I could create an option to set volume or don't. What would work best?

Yes it is possible.

Please provide an example of an app doing this and I can investigate. As of now I do not see any option.

Echo speaks