[DEPRECATED] NOAA Weather Alerts

If I enable a virtual switch for restrictions. What restricts it, if it’s on or off ? Does this cancel notifications ?

Yes if a switch assigned is on then the app is restricted from doing any notifications.

@aaron, I have a question and request for you.

I use your app and it works great. As I was looking through your docs and code, is there a way to filter a specific type of alert and have it activate it on that? As I am not familiar with what data is returned, I didn't even know if it was possible.

What I am looking for is I would only like your app to send out a notification for a Tornado Warning. We get other types of watches and warnings a dime a dozen. But since I live in tornado alley, I would love for it to only alert me to that, especially at night.

Secondly, I know you have a switch trigger to restrict the app. How about a switch that triggers on an alert? For example, if I receive an immediate, severe warning, I would like it to trigger a virtual switch I have that in turn, sounds my Dome siren and flashes my hue bulbs red....That would let me know the sh*t is fixing to get real...


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The weather type was something I noodled on before just doing the generic all alerts. Let me see about that.

As for the switch that is possible but I will need to look into it more.

May take a few weeks as I am on vacation now and travel the next two weeks for work.

I'm hearing on my Google Home devices say "No" and that is it. Any idea what is missing? The test alert works fine.


I am not sure. What do you have in your logs? Also do you customize the alert message? If so what did you replace it with?

Just this:

Attention, Attention. {alertseverity}. {alertevent} Weather Alert for the following counties: {alertarea}. {alertheadline}. {alertinstruction}. This is the end of this Weather Announcement.

No new events since last night. Will reply once I receive one.

Thank you for responding..

Love the app and the Homer Simpson test message is awesome, my kids and made me play it a hundred times. But I do have an ask... Could you do the community a favor and setup your github to work with App Watchdog? One thing i noticed right away that Hubitat was lacking is a way to identify when an app is updated. [RELEASE] App Watchdog

@jmiele4 I will see what I can do and reach out to @bptworld.

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v2.0.6 has your requested update added.


Added support for my app(s) to @bptworld's App Watchdog application.


v2.0.7 - removed 30 minute option for polling

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@aaron, awesome thank you! One more small request coupled with my last one. Is there any way to trigger say a virtual switch when one of the alerts is fired?

For example, I have a virtual switch that when turned on, it will turn on certain hue lights within my house, turn them red, and make them flash. That, coupled with your app, whenever I get a tornado warning for example, it would turn the virtual switch on and alert us, especially when we are asleep!

If that is not doable, I understand.

@spalexander68 This is an interesting use case and I can support that. I had 3 hours to wait for a plane today hence why I was able to get all of the other requests finished. :slight_smile: Give me a couple more days and I will have something in the app.

Been there, done that LOL. I hate airports.

Thanks for the work you have done on the app!

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2.0.8 - added ability to turn on switch if a weather alert occurs


Thank you sir. It works perfectly!

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v2.0.9 - added new Dashboard Tile ability (thanks to BPTWorld!)


v2.1.0 - fixed test alert to reset dashboard tile

@aaron - It looks like the JSON file for the App Watchdog was deleted from the GitHub repository. Did you decide to not support App Watchdog any more?