Delete Two "Ghost Devices"

Well, I can't explain it exactly (not surprising for me or Z-wave) but while I was trying to figure out the Zniffer it occurred to me that maybe if I restored from a cloud backup with z-wave to the point right before I started dinking with this lock, even though the lock itself would not be able to connect (because it was reset) I might be able to make progress and not make the same mistakes again. After a few attempts with the Hubitat removal tools, no joy. I then tried the PC Controller again and, low and behold, IT WORKED! All ghosts are removed! Can't explain it but I will take it.

Thanks for all your support as always. I am going to continue to try to get a Zniffer up and running when my other Zooz 800 comes in. I think I will flash the AEOTEC zw0700 if it will take it. otherwise I will bite the bullet and get one of the devices they recommend. I will let you know if I am successful.


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