Delayed or spotty automations

I'm running into into delays, or sometimes flat out not-working automations and it seems random. For example, I have a door open/close sensor that turns on a z-wave light switch. When I open the door, sometimes the light doesn't turn on (or sometimes it takes 5+ seconds). But if I head over to the dashboard and go into the light switch device and hit "Refresh", it'll immediately turn on.

This appears to be unrelated to Z-Wave, as I have the exact same setup but with a Zigbee device and this happens there too.

The hub is very close to these devices.


Platform Version

Hardware Version
Rev C-7

Right but lets start with the basics. Post your z-wave details page... We're playing process of elimination. Slowness in one area can affect other areas

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This is abnormal and not very common. Usually delays and flat out missed commands happen when the mesh network is not strong, and that applies to both Z-Wave and Zigbee. Further indication that you may have mesh problems is the fact that you have to refresh the device in order to update its state. Mind sharing more details about your devices (make and models)? And what other integrations you are currently running.

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Sorry.. first time in the forum. Looks like I can't post images or links. How can I share my Z-Wave setup page?

Ah, yes, that's because you need to spend some time in the community to prove that you are not a robot. I updated your account, so you should be able to post images now.

Thanks Bobby! Here they are:

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You have at least 2 ghosts (the ones with nothing in the routing column) These will pooch things like you have described. You need to get rid of them. Likely the one that caused 0x1e is 1f (it was caused by a failed pairing) Remove power to 1f, hit the refresh on 1e until remove pops up. Click remove.

Do the same with 0x06 and 07

Awesome, thanks! I'll give this a try asap. I'll have to unscrew these from the wall to cut power as they don't have a power switch like some others do.

Yeah, they have to not be pingable. If you have problems removing after power down of the device, first make sure you're up tpo date on the latest platform. Then update your z-wave firmware (a button will be at the top of your z-wave details page if you haven't updated already)

After that shut down your hub from the settings menu, unplug the hub from the wall (not the hub) and wait 5 mins then power up again. Attempt removal again

In addition to what @rlithgow1 mentioned already, you also have devices included with S2 security encryption which can cause delays, especially if the device firmware is running older firmware version. (see Security column and look for the devices with S2 Authentication.) Generally only locks and garage doors are required to be encrypted, for all others the encryption is optional and reports are that devices included without security perform much better.

Thanks for the heads up. The iNovelli switches use it, and I don't recall if there was a way to add them without encryption. I've gone ahead and removed the ghost devices successfully now, and I've made sure I have the latest firmware on everything.

I'll test it out for a few days and report back. Thanks for the help!


All of my Inovelli are included without security, so I know is possible. If your latency persists, you may need to exclude, then re-include those secure switches. Make sure to select inclusion option "without security" when prompted during the inclusion process.


Post your current z-wave settings page post ghost removal

Ok looks cleaned up. Now note all your slow stuff. I'm assuming that's in the opposite end of the house from the hub. My next step would be to scatter some beaming repeaters around those areas (ring v2 extender Recommended

it seems to be working better now. I'll keep an eye on things.

The devices I've had issues with are literally within 15 feet of the hub.

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Radio paths often don't follow line-of-sight. Multiple zigbee and z-wave repeaters are essential to build robust meshes for both protocols. For z-wave, I'd also strongly recommend you update the radio firmware to 7.17.1, and it looks like you already have a decent number of z-wave repeaters.

Aaaand, it happened again just now :frowning:

I have an automation that toggles a light switch (z-wave), when I press a button (zibgee).

I pressed the button, and nothing happened. Waited 10 secs. Nothing. So I went to the dashboard, opened the light device, and hit "refresh", then the light came on.

I'll remove the encrypted devices as my next step. Odd thing is that this same set of devices (including the encrypted ones) worked flawlessly for months, until a few weeks ago.

Keep a live log open when you're doing the button pushes to see what's happening