Delay arming Armed-Away not working as expected


I'm trying to configure my HSM away mode to delay arming by 60 seconds (see image below) to give my garage door time to close. I have a rule that is called "Good Bye" (also see below), it will close the garage door and set the HSM into into ARM Away mode. I expected that the HSM will wait 60 seconds before trying to arm, but what happens is I get an immediate alert that the garage door is still open and arming failed.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

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The condition is missing in you rule

Not sure what your getting at, the delay is suppose to be enforced by the HSM. Ignoring the rule, if I click "Arm Away" in the HSM with the garage door open, I still get the immediate alert, expectation is it should wait the 60 seconds before checking the contact sensors.

You've got a conflict with the delayed arming and arming failure alert. Remove the arming failure alert, as that's going to go off instantly upon attempting to start the delayed arming. That's its whole point: to warn you that something is open that needs to be closed. But in this case, you know and want it to be open.

thanks for the reply and it makes sense.

If I remove the arming failure alert, it I'd loose that benefit for all arming modes (like Arm-Night) which I want. Also in Arm-Away mode after 60 seconds I'd still like to know if something else was left open.

Can you think of a way around this? Or is this a feature request?

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Just don't include the garage door in the arming failure checks. Then use Rule Machine for checking the garage door when arming in the other situations, to accomplish the same notification if it's left open.

Oh sorry. I looked at it very quickly as I was heading out the door and didn't notice you had created a triggered rule. Thought it was a straight rule and that stood out. Glad you got the answer you needed from Bruce.

In case anyone is reading this later, here is how I solve my problem. I created 2 rules:

Rule 1: when my "Good Bye" virtual switch triggers, start closing the garage door.
Rule 2: when my "Good Bye" virtual switch triggers, delay for 30 seconds, then set HSM to Arm-Away

This allow me to keep my armed-failed notifications in all arm mode.

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That's what I would do. I'm not one to try to keep stuff in a single rule if it's not working. I don't hesitate to connect them together, just like the building block concept their designed for. Works great.

But this won't get you the countdown until armed. It's going to be just your lucky guess when that 30 seconds is up. I assume you have a "good night" switch that arms your HSM to Arm-Home...why not just check for the garage door with that? Or better yet, order your garage door to close with Arm-Home. That way it will close if it's open and you don't have to worry about checking it, it would just be closed.

Reading this old post because I have a similar question. I have a rule set to close the garage door when the mode switches to Night and a delay on the arm of the HSM for 200 seconds. I am still getting alerts generated. Is the system designed to generate the alerts at the start of the delay or at the end of the delay when it actually tries to arm the system? It makes sense to my brain that it should be the latter because if it is the former then I need to disable alerts entirely (you can't remove a sensor from the alert triggers as far as I can tell).