Dehumidifier that comes on when outlet turns on

Has anyone ever found a dehumidifier of any sort that will run just by turning it on at the wall without a human having to press a button or rig it up with a Sensibo? So annoying! I'd love to have them linked into automations.

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Me too, have two Philips dehumidifiers and would love it if I could turn them on based on humidity reading. Would be happy to buy one more (i.e. another brand / model) that could be automated. I had thought about trying switchbot, but not sure how successful it would be ...

We have two proper ones - the sort you put the hose out of the window - and they each have a sensibo controlling them, and that works well. But we only use them in the summer for cooling. No point having windows open for hoses in the winter, and they're so noisy we use them the fewest days possible. Where we're stuck is for the smaller dessicant dehums we use in the winter. They still seem to need you to push a button, but Sensibo only seems to have the compressor (noisy) type in its compatibilities.

Here is a Smart Life one... but that doesn't work well with Hubitat does it?

Looks interesting, bit of a small tank, but still looks like a good option. Not sure about options with HE, but Google are planning to introduce triggers into their eco-system, and I believe they integrate with smart life, so you may have an option there, if you have Google assistant in your house. Obviously not ideal, but may be an option...

We are in the Google system, but my thought is how would I link up the Aqara humidity sensor that is actually on my problem window to tell Google to turn on the dehumidifier? Well, I suppose a virtual switch might do as an intermediary, as those are visible to both Hubitat and Google.

I have realised that the dessicant ones which we really need in at least one of the locations (the room spends most of the winter less than 10degC) can't be used with a smart plug, since they can't be turned on and off from the wall due to having to do housekeeping for themselves. It would just damage them.

I done this about 2 years ago.... Dehumidifier is powered via an Ikea Outlet and I turn it on/off based on humidity coming from a Xiaomi Aqara Temp/Humidity sensor. As it's in a bedroom my rules only allow it come on during the daytime.

When buying the dehumidifier I got the sales person in the store to turn on/off his display units so I narrowed my choice down to what was going to work without needing any buttons to be pressed. I have the unit piped to the outside, so I don't need to empty any tanks.

I recently bought a dehumidifier online, thinking I could do this, but it turned out that I purchased their only model that doesn't remember its power state. Apparently that's a safety feature due to it having an inbuilt ceramic heater. Anyway...

I ended up exchanging it for one of their other models, which works exactly as I'd hoped through my smart plug. I'm in Australia, and the brand is Australian, so you're probably not gonna buy one of these, but the way that they identify this feature on their site is "auto restart after power failure (suits timer)."

They say that their units are manufactured by NWT, so maybe you can find those in the UK under a different name.

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UK here. This one comes on when power on at switch. Works well too.

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