Defending against “Alexa, ALL lights on”

Has anyone found a good way to suppress or mitigate the command “Alexa, all lights on” in the Amazon Echo skill?

Alexa is my family’s preferred interface to HE. The Alexa app allows you to group devices into rooms, so that commands like “Alexa, [turn on/turn off/dim] the lights” only apply locally to a room, which we use regularly. However, “Alexa, turn on all the lights” applies globally across the home. When someone utters this phrase (eg my children), the ensuing light show is hilarious as dozens of lights, scenes and virtual switches that control automation rules all compete to turn on simultaneously. However, it’s a pain to clean up and is wearing thin.

My dream feature would be a toggle in the HE Amazon Echo app to ignore every switch turning on at once. But it doesn’t exist yet.

Has anyone else run into the “Alexa, all lights on” problem? If so, what workarounds have you found to reduce the pain?

You should be able to make a Alexa routine specifically for the turn on/off all the lights voice commands as a sort of mask. Then have nothing as an action, or maybe just a wait action as a no operation.

On another note, does your "turn on/off lights" command work well in a specific room? For me it turns on an off locally as you say, but it does not seem to be constrained to "lights" and turns on/off my plugs including my TV as well that are in that group. Have you noticed the same?

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review the components in your Alexa app and make them Switches instead of Lights to not have the Lights command affect them

Thanks for the suggestion. Interesting idea. Have you managed to get this to work or is this a hypothesis? My experience of creating Alexa routines that are similar to built in commands is that the commands usually win, but I may have been doing it wrong. I’d prefer not to experiment unless others have got this specific mask to work, given how disruptive an all-on event is.

They all are categorized correctly and for a while it works, then just doesn't for some reason. I contacted Alexa support and they said that feature we are describing doesn't even exist sooo... I gave up and recreated via NR and it works flawlessly now.

I have this working with my "lights on/off" override that I describe above with NR and no issues thus far. Routines seem to take priority.

I knew there was an issue on Amazon side. I try to use the "turn lights on" feature for local room controls, but when I add a specific light to alexa, that's the only light that gets triggered regardless of which room i do it in or how my groups are set up. I've just resorted to not having that switch be voice controlled and let everything else run smooth

I've created an "all lights" group with devices I don't care about inside. I haven't tested yet to see if this is enough to trick Alexa into not trying to find all lights on its own should it think I said "all lights" (I never do, but "all blinds" apparently sounds similar enough sometimes). Because the consequences are borderline disastrous, affecting any switch, virtual or otherwise and not just lights, I'm still afraid to test, but I'm hoping it will work. :slight_smile: I suspect we have different motivations for avoiding this, but just an idea if it does work.

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I was having the same issue where Alexa turns on/off my sockets when I ask her to turn on/off my lights locally in that room ... "Alexa, lights off" results in all lights in the room turning off (wanted) and all sockets in the room turning off (unwanted). That feature was working correctly with Smartthings but I've completely migrated to Hubitat now and it doesn't work. So I'm assuming it's something to do with Hubitat. All those Ikea sockets were running on the Ikea socket driver but once I changed the driver to a generic zigbee socket driver everything worked as it should.

Edit, just discovered that changing the driver only works on some of the Ikea sockets, which is a bit weird. I wonder if I move all my Ikea stuff to the Hue Bridge it will change their behaviour with Alexa? I'll have to try that soon.

Edit, also discovered that Alexa turns on the two Smartthings sockets in the kitchen when I say "Alexa, lights on". So, not an Ikea thing, a Hubitat thing.

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I have no devices set up in the Alexa "All lights" group. "Alexa turn all lights off yields, "All lights doesn't support that." I use Alexa to control groups and scenes. I also have an Alexa routine, "Goodnight" that turns off most lights and the TV.

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