Dealing with weekends and holidays


I'm just wondering how you all deal with, primarily, holidays. I know with apps it's usually pretty easy to say Monday thru Friday, but what happens when you don't want something to happen on a weekday holiday? Like coffee comes on and lights turn on at 4:30 AM Mon - Fri, but if it's a holiday, come on at 6:30 or something along those lines.

For weekends it's easy enough to just have 2 rules - one for M - F and another for S & S.



Too bad he's pulled all his apps.

The basic Idea is to have a list of "holidays" and have that alter a virtual switch and then THAT switch is included in the Rules that would benefit.


Most all of my lights are motion based, and my modes are typically set by presence.

So holiday vs non-holiday is the same to me. If I get up later, the lights come on later. The only one that can get me is that my bedroom lights have a no-motion exclusion from 10pm to 830am to ensure the bedroom lights never get turned on accidentally by motion. On the 1 in 500 times I sleep past 830am, the lights could come on errantly if I move enough to trip the motion sensor.

I don't automate very many things at a specific time, like coffee pots, so can't help there.


I've got a switch I created which self sets everyday at 5 after midnight.

  • ON if it is a weekend or stat/bank holiday
  • OFF if it is a regular workday.

The switch self calculates all the holidays. It isn't the most efficient or the cleanest code, but it works for me.

Note that the bank/stat holidays are the ones specific to where I am (Canada - BC). But you could easily make a few modifications to remove or add specific dates for wherever you are.

Switch driver for bank/stat holidays (Canada-BC)