DC Powered Water Leak Sensors - where to buy?

Does anyone have any DC powered water leak sensors connected to Hubitat via zwave or zigbee? Any idea where to buy these?

You can buy a battery eliminator.

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These are made to be used with a battery or power supply. I have one of these hooked up to a 12vdc power supply.

Thank you.

I have the fibaro, original type, not z-wave plus.
The reporting sucks, it not regular at all. I know some people love these, but none of the 4 I have work well, they just seem to lockup. I have 4 z-wave plus repeaters in the basement where the fibaros are, and they still suck. And it's a small open basement about 25x25.
I say try one first and see how it works, before blowing a good deal of cash.

Thanks for the info guys. Anyone else? I can't believe there are not more of these.

I have many Xiaomi sensors with @markus drivers. Be aware someone (not me) had problems with Xiaomi sensors.
You could try Shelly wifi sensors as well. I do'nt know if there is a driver for HE akready

Yes, but are these powered through DC meaning I can plug them directly into an outlet?

I believe the Aeotec water sensor 6 can be connected to power using a USB cord (I think you need to get an optional Dock), which you then connect to a USB outlet adapter. You wouldn't want a water sensor to be plugged directly into an outlet other than through a low-voltage (e.g., USB) adapter. The Aeotec sensors are a bit pricey, so unless the location where you want to install the sensor is difficult to reach, its a lot less expensive to use battery powered sensors and they work well too.


Sorry. I red on my phone and I've misunderstood!

You could use the sinope detectors and plug the sensor via minijack plug to any wall power source, if you do not trust the battery life (declared 4-10 years depending on the used gateway). This sensor has a native HE driver

Here is another sensor.

I feel like this is my standard response to a lot of things since joining here =p....

But have you considered a 12v nodemcu wifi board with konnected firmware, plus a water leak sensor? Total cost - approx ÂŁ4.50.

I use loads of them. Amazing little devices.

Correct and yes the additional dock is required. Very expensive in the end though a nice sensor.

@jpoeppelman1 if you are a tinkerer you could make your own using @ogiewon’s Hubduino libraries. I was going down this path but unfortunately there aren’t a ton of water probe sensors available that met my criteria but a 2 conductor wire could work. I started out just buying the Aeotec Water Sensor 6 usb dock as it came with the probes but they wouldn’t work with 3.3VDC voltage reliably from my ESP board. I ended up buying the Aeotec sensor since I needed a very reliable sensor for my sump pump.

As others mentioned there are “battery eliminators” available where you can turn a battery device into DC powered. I’ve made my own using a wooden dowel:


Any pictures? How does this work?

How is stability with this product?

You buy a nodemcu....

And a leak sensor...

And follow the instructions here...

Resulting in this (I have a few at the moment)...

They're amazing.

I bought one of those for my daughters house about a year ago, she hasn’t reported any problems.

Pretty sure that Dome makes a powered leak sensor as well.

Hopefully others will have better luck with Dome leak sensors. The round probe that comes with the battery powered one died twice one me. Fortunately one while within warranty but then replacement failed. YMMV but I wouldn’t recommend them for something important. I have a water sensor within my sump bucket and test it every now and them and I became frustrated with it. Replaced it with the Aeotec.

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