DC based relay board

Any Aus doing relay switching using a Hubitat to talk to DC based relay board?
Have a bunch of ewelink ( aka. Sonoff, Itead from Aliexpress ) 4 channel relay boards.
Very nice for Aus, 12VDC supply for the board's smarts, using it to switch 12VDC 1 A loads. Means I dont have to pay $5000 / hr for sparky.
Just got my very first Hubitat, a C7.
Hubi cant pair with ewelink's special "must use their app" brand of zigbee.

These work well if you have a zwave network. I use mine to control my garage door.

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Shelley 1's will run on and switch 12V. I use them precisely for the reasons you mention (although they are only 1 channel and are wifi based)

Predictable reply.... Nodemcu, konnected and 3v relays.

I use loads of them. Cheap as chips.

Multiple versions of this relay 2 ch and 4 ch are sold, got mine on Amazon but they are all coming out of China so they can be found in the usual sales channels. It works and doesn't break the bank.

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