DawonDNS 3-gang Z-wave light switch - no neutral needed

Hi guys,

I have received this switch today:


Considering the fact that it doesn't need a neutral wire and has 3 switches in one faceplate it seemed like a great buy. I installed it and managed to pair it quickly using the Neo Coolcam wall switch driver.

However, I can't manage to use the third button, there's a parent switch created for the first gang and a child device for the second one, but is there any chance to use the third one, since it does not appear in the device list?

The manufacturer also states that it has a temperature and humidity sensor integrated in the case. If the Hubitat staff can make it work, i think we would have the killer wall switch. Cost about USD 47 on Amazon US.

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What the max resistive load on each leg? That switch looks nice.

What ! it's even got Temp and Humidity built in !!!
Where's the Aussie version :frowning:

Does the device have markings on it that indicate it meets any independent safety lab certifications like UL, CSA, ETL?


600W on each leg.

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Since it's made for the Korean market and apparently they are the OEM for the LG+ smart home ecosystem, it does have the Korean safety certification: South Korea KC Certification for Electrical and Electronic Products | SGS

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@dman2306 was looking for this exact thing. I hope they see this.

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So far it's working like a charm, except for the third switch and the temp/humidity sensors.

First off this is z-wave, and z-wave in a metal box is a bad idea.Z-wave plus is better.
And having to charge the switch first is odd. I hope there isn't a battery in there that eventually goes dead, along with the switch. And is it possible if installed in a seldom used area, the battery doesn't charge enough and the switch falls off due to no z-wave signal

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It has worked flawlessly so far, and I have a concrete wall 4m away between the hub and the switch. I am almost sure it has a battery, and I think it recharges with the power flowing through it somehow.

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Neo Coolcam Light Switch 3 NAS-SC02ZU-3 is at aliexpress, but we are whaiting for a driver for Hubitat. Any ideas?

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Hola actualmente hoy 8/02/2021 tengo el mismo problema no encuentro solucion a smart switch 3 gang zwave, actualmente solo puedo hacer funcionar 2 y realmente Hubitat no es muy util si utilisas marcas como Neo, Mco Home o Horus,

Porfavor si alguien conoce alguna solucion a este problema porfavor ayuda.

Hola finalmente ya están trabajando en eso los del equipo de desarrolladores de hubitat, búscalo en el link que te dejo para que le puedas dar seguimiento. Neo Coolcam