Database Connections Error - Should I be worried?

I have seen these errors recently in my C-4 logs for various devices, however the devices continue to work after the logs appeared. Most recently I saw them between 3:30 - 4am this morning. I have seen in other Community posts people talk about this being a sign of a potential database corruption and to do a soft reset and db restore. I had to do this (db restore only) recently on my C-7 hub after seeing a 500 error in the Web UI.

Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database

Should I be worried? Should I do the reset and restore?


Don't need to be worried. But do need to run the Soft Reset with restore.


Thanks @bobbyD, will do. I'll report back on whether I see the errors again once I have done the reset and restore.

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@bobbyD - Out of interest.... Separate to my C-4 hub which this post related to, I mentioned getting the 500 error on my C-7 hub a few days ago and needing to restore the db on that hub as well. I saw a somewhat similar error in the C-7's logs just before that incident, could this have also been a corruption?

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: A problem occurred while trying to acquire a cached PreparedStatement in a background thread. Query: UPDATE DEVICE D SET D.STATE = ? WHERE D.ID = ? Parameters: [{"lastBattery":1625018716,"tempOffset":0,"sensorTemp":18.78}, 8] (parse)

If the error went away after restoring the backup, then yes.

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It appears to have gone away, but will give both hubs a few days to be sure. Thanks again for your help with this.

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