Dashbords - New position in the device window

I have a question, what can this option be used for?


When creating a dashboard, the user needs to select the devices that are available for selection in the Dashboard App:

which then allows for the devices to be selected when creating tiles:

Prior to this drop-down being added in 2.3.7, you needed to open each Dashboard child-app and add a device to the list for that dashboard. This provides another, sometimes more convenient spot to do this device selection, e.g. when creating a device. It is also more convenient in that you can select multiple dashboards in one go, saving our tired and weary fingers from more clicks :slight_smile:

This was part of the 2.3.7 release:

From the Device Details Documentation:

Dashboards: Allows easy authorization of this device for the selected Hubitat Dashboard apps (the same as can be done from Apps > Hubitat Dashboard and then the particular Dashboard app in which you wish to authorize the device)


Thank you for your help! I like to understand all the options in the setup.

I just noticed this (very) small but excellent change!

For anyone who uses the existing Hubitat Dashboards - this is an excellent and useful enhancement!

Kudos - Thanks!