If you are interested in getting them working, it may pay to start a separate topic outlining the issue you are having. This one comes under a heading of Dashboard, which may not attract the same attention, particularly given the early conversation centred around issues in the mobile app and dashboards.

While it may not solve the underlying issue, it may also be worth trying to use the Community version of the Kasa App / Drivers, which the built-in one came from. It's unlikely to behave any differently, but you never know...

Ok. Thanks for input. I'll try. But between dashboard issues and dropping of switches/ services the hub is pretty much useless for me unfortunately. Based on what I read it seemed to be the right choice. I just can't understand why I need to redo my things when there is even a slightest electrical bump. Very disappointing.

You say you've had a bunch of electrical blips. Have you done a soft reset of the hub?

Every time there is a power outage, upon restoration switches stop working on dashboad even if I log into hub. I end up having to redo/ add switches. Even doing a reboot/reset.
This hub has been so unreliable. Pretty disappointing.

The process @rlithgow1 is referring to us not simply restarting the hub. It is the soft reset you are also referring to?

Exactly the opposite of most people but then again I don't use wifi switches and plugs. Again have you done a soft reset? You may be looking at some corruption caused by the blips and a soft reset will fix that. Also regardless of what devices you use, with power like that you really should invest in a small up for the unit. These are basically computers and power outtages can and will cause the hubitat to become corrupt necessitating the soft reset.

Reboot does not work on restoring lost connections. As I said it only happens with some but all devices but still pita as I have to delete the devices and re add them after every power failure. This did not happen with SmartThings.

Now can't connect to hub. Am on same network but will not connect

Again you may have some corruption going on. Can you use a PC to get to the hub? Do you have a DHCP reservation for the hub itself? Do you have reserved IP's on ALL of your wifi outlets? Can you get to yourhubip:8081 ? What channel is your wifi on?

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Ok managed to get into hub, I have done reboot, soft reset and still devices are not working

Did the hub ip change? Do you have DHCP reservations on all your outlets?

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Hub IP did not change and yes to DHCP. So I'm at the stage of hard reset and starting all over again for the 4th time and last time. I get impression that I got a defective hub or just totally unreliable.

So to be clear (I'm not clear based on your responses) You have a reservation for each and every device as well as the hub?

Well considering that a lot of others run these, it's not a reliability issue. It sounds more like mDNS is being blocked on your network somehow. It should be able to repopulate via the broadcast mac address' on the network....

So now no access to dashboard unless I log into hub

No disrespect intended but I’ve found it difficult to understand what problem(s) the OP is trying to describe all along.

The first screenshot in the thread indicates your hub had an IP address of in the past.

The most recent screenshot just before this post indicates the hub’s IP address was subsequently at some point.

I think it’s possible that the OP’s issues are somehow related to hub IP address changes but it’s been difficult to get clear and consistent responses.

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Hub address haven't changed it was and still is

Are you using some kind of shortcut on your phone then? Because what youre displaying in the error message is from not 39. In the first message it shows the ip at 38. You also still have not answered my previous questions clearly


This is the 3rd IP address that’s been mentioned in this thread.

Look at your own screenshots in posts 1 and 34.

What IP addresses do you see in the error messages contained in those screenshots?


Thanks for input. I am switching course and will be keeping hub for few wemo light switches. Moving everything else to a more reliable hub. Oddly enough the hub has shown to work decent enough with the wemo switches lately, not so with everything else, so I'll keep it going until it no longer works with wemo

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Glad to hear you are sticking with the hub.

Like others here, I suspect / hope your issues may be related to changes in the IP of your hub and/or the links you are using. I would encourage you to re-visit this at some point in the future, if these plugs form a major part of your smart home and potential for using HE. From what I have seen and the Community members involved, there is likely a solution available, but can understand wanting to enjoys the positives for now.

When it comes to these kinds of issues we tend to stray into the detail-orientated realms, so capturing details about changes made and about the steps taken can become important to identifying exactly what may be occurring. Just an FYI...

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