Dashboard with CCTV

Loving the new Dashboard... fixed several things that were holding me back from recommending Hubitat, so nice work and thanks to the Devs!

Are there any plans to give us control over the refresh rate of images on the Dashboard? As you can see from the following gif, my MPEG stream works nicely but the image flashes every 10 seconds, presumably due to an automatic refresh.



The dashboard isn’t refreshing that image every 10 seconds. Might be the camera that has a meta refresh element?

There’s no flash when viewed directly in the browser or with SmartTiles… it’s just an MPEG stream output by Blue Iris via LAN.

If you pull up the stream in chrome, hit f12 and look at the meta data, does it have a refresh element?

There is nothing in the dashboard code that would refresh the image tile template every 10 seconds. Just load in any other image from any other url and it won’t update every 10 seconds.

Just look at the network tab in developer tools in chrome and see what is requesting a new image… It’s probably the camera url itself. It either has a meta refresh or a content expires tag.

As for fixing the flashing, I would need a test url to work from to see what is going on.

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Thanks, it’s getting late here now but I’ll open up the dev console tomorrow and see what I can see.

I’ll also open up a port and PM you a link to test (tomorrow)… I’ll have to temporarily disable authentication on WAN as the dashboard doesn’t seem to handle digest / basic / query string auth. Hopefully we can time it between us so I don’t need to expose my server to the web for too long.

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If we can move to Monday that would be great. I have a funeral and 7 hours of flight time tomorrow to get there and back.

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I’ll be at work but I can switch on the feed remotely when you’re ready… just send me a PM and I’ll get notified (UK / GMT).


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Will ther be any plan to give us control over the refresh rate of images on the Dashboard?

I'm liking the look of the MPEG stream on the dashboard. How did you go about getting it on there in the first place?

I've moved over from ST and love the platform, its far more reliable and my wifes complaining less that things dont work!

Bump to pkmiller1977's question. I am new to Hubitat and cannot find any documentation on how to add an MPEG stream from Blue Iris as a tile in a dashboard. Any guidance showing where I should start would be appreciated.

This was working for a while but I tried it with a deprecated driver and it totally locked up my hub almost instantly. Something changed in dashboards to make this unworkable for the time being.

So I have at least a mjpeg stream added by using the image template and URL:

I was able to get this working by testing the URL directly in a browser - once i was able to see the stream, i was able to update the image tile and it contained the same info. The stream is a little choppy but sufficient.

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It will only update at the refresh rate of the dashboard.

I'm looking at a way to take a camera snapshot, saving it to a directory, then linking to that file. It's not motion video, but it can tell me some basic info. Gate closed, door shut, etc.

You can write a script that does this every X time and overwrite the file in the directory.

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What kind of camera system are you using? Many of them now a days allow for doing that in the camera system itself. My Amcrest system allows for uploading both video and snaps to a FTP server automatically. I use Blue Iris though for all my snaps and videos and have them automatically saved to my NAS for archival.

I've got WYZE cams and a dedicated PC to run whatever. Been looking into TinyCam and BlueIris. Wyze themselves have said they are working on rstp stream that should be out in Q2. So i'm just evaluating my options and seeing what anyone else has done.

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Ha, I guess from my other post and this one, you probably can piece together what I was thinking. Save snapshots to cloud storage and then link to them from my dashboard.

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Yeah, I'm also waiting on Wyze to release RTSP. I have a few of them just sitting and collecting dust until they release it.

AFAIK, Blue Iris won't work with Wyze cams with their stock firmware. TinyCamPro does though (it hacks the Wyze cloud stream from what I understand).

Yup. It's something most of us have been wanting for a while now! I'm right there with you! I've gotten my BI setup working with my wired Amcrest cameras, but I need cameras for a few things around here that I can't hard-wire to and POE IP cameras, while great, still need to come down in price.

You can flash the firmware of the Wyze cams to get a rtsp stream, but that seemed like a pain to mess with and then switch them back once wyze released the stream. So i'm just kinda waiting and researching various options.

Edit: From what I've read, dashboard 2 might be around the corner too, so didn't want to go too crazy only to have to recreate when it's released.

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Yeah, that's been discussed in other threads, but the OpenIPC and Defang's Hacks firmware just aren't that great. Both are full of issues that I just wanted to avoid. That's why I'm waiting on an official RTSP implementation from Wyze.

I'm also holding off on dashboards until D2 comes out. For now, I actually use the Google Home app as my "dashboard" until HE releases the new Dashboards. Granted, it's not nearly as full featured, but in my use case, I just need to be able to turn some things on and off.