Dashboard V2.0 Questions

I couldn't find a topic for questions yet so I figured I'd start one.

I've been looking for a way to change the tile background color for the image tile to black or transparent and I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to do it?

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Well, there should be, using the template editor, but that appears to not work on Image tiles. So, what we have here is a bug. Thanks for reporting it, well, asking the question that led to the bug discovery.


Also noticed there is no longer a way to change the font size for the device name. The font size setting only changes the percentages but not the tile device name. This makes the dashboard look very crowded.

Not sure what you mean, there are two size, font size and icon size. What isn't changing?

So as an example. I have a tile for my kitchen sink light, which is a dimmer.
Icon size changes the size of the little light bulb icon in the tile.
Font size changes the percentage number below the slider that it's currently dimmed (0-100%)
Nothing changes the size of the tile label "kitchen sink light" at the bottom if the tile. The old Dashboard would allow the label don't size to change, so I could shrink the size of the tile and the font andstill have the name on a single line. This allowed more tiles on screen on my phone.
This is on android pie.

Ahh the helper text. You can turn that off. But you are right that probably isn't scaling with font size

Actually no, not the helper text. That toggles the device type like contact, or button, etc.
I'm speaking about the device name which is displayed at the bottom of each tile.

In the screenshot, I'm talking about "FirstFloor", "FamilyRoom" "island" etc... I had to relabel all my devices so the names were short enough to fit on the tiles. The old Dashboard allowed changing the name size.

I would like to see a bulb template without the dimmer slider. I have some switches that control lights, so for consistency it would be nice to show a bulb.

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Never mind - I found the custom icons,

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Device names, not helper text.

To work around the bug I placed image url into the background image field of the tile.

I also noticed something amiss. I had previously edited tiles in the prior version to one color for active and one color for inactive (or closed/open) in the multisensor and motion tiles. I decided to change them to a different color. It seems to take, but a couple of minutes after I change them, they revert back to the prior color.

How do I get the new color to stick?

I noticed the same thing making custom colors for different states. I found that if you just click the X, it will revert after a few seconds. I didn't notice at first that you can scroll down and click the Save button. Once I did that, my custom colors stuck.

Tonight I started to play with the new dashboards

Selected 6 or 7 random devices to get a feel of each device type
Selected the new dashboard and then selected the "Auto Fill" 6x10

I expected to see only the device I select, not all of my devices.

I know it's a small issue, however...


I made some changes the dashboard settings wanting to explore and learn what some of the new features do so I went and tried changing the color statuses. After making changes to Bulb, and Dimmer I now have a "fuzzy" out of focus tile look on my bulbs and dimmers tiles? Not sure what I did to do that and how to revert back.

Thanks. I did not notice that the window would scroll so I did not see the Save button.

Some enhancement requests for the dashboard:

When hiding tile template names, can there be an option to keep the attribute name on the attribute tile? I would love to hide tile template names on most tiles, but when I have attribute tiles on the same dashboard I always need to see those.

For temperature, humidity and illuminance tiles, can the size of the data (temperature etc) be set the same as for instance the dashboard name or attribute value, rather than the icon size? I like to make the icons pretty big, but don't need the text to be quite that big :smile:

Is there a way to change the overlay order on a tile? I want to have link tile overlay an attribute tile so the Attribute is displayed but touching the tile would go to a url.

Right now it looks like the attribute tile is always on top.

Not officially no. However, if you edit the json in Advanced -> Devices. Find the tile ID that you want above the other and make sure it has a higher ID value.


How do I find the cloud link to add a dashboard to my ios home screen?