Dashboard tile sizes


It would be nice with a function that you could make a Daschboard tiles smaller than the size entered in settings.
For example you have made a perfect dashboard and then you find out that you need one tile smaller than what you thought from the beginning.A standard tile is 1-1 say w100 h160 and then you can make it smaller 1/2 - 1/2 w50h80 or 1/2-1 w50 h 160 for example...

Then you have a backup and dont have to be 100% that the size you set in the beginning .


You can always override the height and width using CSS. Also can do some interesting things using the justify-xxxxx and align-xxxxxx CSS grid settings.

yea but its Greek for me :joy:

Take a look at this thread, try a few things and then let us know when you get stuck. Someone always jumps in to help.

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