Dashboard tile help?

Is there anyway to make a tile that points to and opens an app on a phone/device?

Yes if you have an Android phone. You will need to have an app called tasker installed together with a couple of plugins. This link should give you some ideas Tasker Trigger, @sburke781 would be able to provide some guidance as I don't do much with tasker these days.

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Like @rocketwiz described, Tasker would be one option, MacroDroid may be another. You may be able to initiate the app directly on the device, but I'm not 100% sure of how to do it, if it is possible.

There may be local options with Tasker and one or two of it's plugins, but the one I would feel most comfortable guiding you through would be something like:

  • Install and configure Tasker and AutoRemote plugin (there's a few steps to go through with this part, hopefully you can find enough online)
  • Make sure your phone / device has a fixed IP on your local network
  • Create a Virtual Button device on HE
  • Add the button device to the dashboard, including setting up a tile
  • Create a rule, e.g. RM Rule, triggered by the pressing of the button
  • For the actions in the rule, make a HTTP GET call to your phone, with something like:
    • http://< Phone IP >:1817/?message=NetFlix
    • Replace the < Phone IP > with the IP Address of your phone and NetFlix with whatever text you like at this stage

I might need to come back with part two of these instructions.... :slight_smile: Maybe later this evening or tomorrow. But if you are proficient in Tasker, you want to create a profile triggered by an event from a plugin, being AutoRemote, filtering on a message with the text you put in place of NetFlix above. Then add an action to open an app of your choosing. Don't worry, I can guide you through this part later if needed, or someone else...

I'm also working on a Tasker integration to make some of this stuff a little easier, so this post gave me some ideas or at least inspiration to include something like this. I just haven't added it to the list yet...

There's also the autolaunch plugin which is able to launch apps directly but I have not bought this one so YMMV.

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Thanks guys I'll check it out. Also found this dashboard app called HomeHabit that looks pretty good

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If you use Fully Kiosk browser, you can use the intent links in coordination with their app launcher.

Used with action tiles on ST many years ago....

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Download the Hubitat app