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Anyone have a way to trigger a tasker profile proactively? I've got some great integrations/profiles setup. Controlling hubitat all sorts of ways working great. Now I've setup widgets on my home screen that display tasker variables which in turn are set by hubitat (makerapi via json). A task has to run to pull the json and update the variables. Ideally, rule machine would tell tasker to run the task when the thing changes, I.e. Presence changes should tell tasker to run the task so the home screen is up to date. Right now it's setup to poll everything periodically, but I'm sure there's some way of hubitat telling it to poll.


AutoRemote, let me find the topic where I talk about my setup....

Take a look at this and see if it would suit what you are after.... Translating it to your own situation of course...

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I use HE to send Pushover notifications to my device, then I use Autonotification to intercept and run tasker tasks. It is one way to do what you want to do.

I also use Autonotification to auto clear all of my pushover notifications so it doesn't get annoying/cluttered.

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Smart! I already use autonotification heavily in the other direction, sending commands to hubitat based on who emails my work email etc., so this is a great idea.

Now to figure out if it's worth it to clone and modify the task, and create rules to send notifications for each device so it only polls and updates the device that changes, or if I should make one task that pings the whole collection via the all devices maker api and some crazy json to and update everything / one rule IF (device a, device b, etc.) changes THEN send update notification.

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