Dashboard that doesn't suck?

I don't understand a lot in this home automation world but find it very surprising/frustrating that there isn't a simple, clean, fluid app that works and has a nice UI.

I just want things to look cool and have the weather. I just want to use the camera to turn on the tablet when I walk by, my thermostats can do it. Yeah I know there are work arounds...But why do we need workaround for this stuff?

Any dashboards out there that can do everything in one app? Without all the full kiosk and IFTTT extras...

sadly alot would use home assistant for there dash for this reason ... altho to be fair the HE moblie app has a nice clean look about it ... given time youll be able to use much more with it i hope

Joe Page made a great and simple to use dashboard.


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Appreciate the replies. The Joe Page app seems to be pretty good. Still missing screen sleep/wake via camera tho.

Funny you mentioned home assistant. About 6 months ago I ordered a raspberry pie with HA already installed ready to go. Problem is it took so long to get here that I bought a habitat in the meantime and I think I'm going to stick with it. I'd really hate to learn a new UI But if that's what it's going to take I'm sure there's a way to integrate HA into HE.

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Joe Pages dashboard is getting wake when he gets the time. I have verified that Fully single app kiosk does make his dashboard wake. Personally I'll just wait

Although Hubitat has its own built-in dashboard, there are other alternatives.
Ever since I started with a Smartthings hub, I have been using Actiontiles.
About a year ago, Actiontiles was made available for the Hubitat platform so I now use Actiontiles for Hubitat. Any device connected to Hubitat can be shown in Actiontiles panels. The integration with Actiontiles is supported by Hubitat as a built-in app.

Since its release, Actiontiles for Hubitat has been operational in beta mode. However, it seems to be fully functional. If it does go into full release, you will likely have to pay a license fee to use it just like I had to do with the Smartthings integration. However, at this time is remains free.

I am not going to claim that Actiontiles is better than the Hubitat dashboard or other alternatives as I have not compared them, Since I was already familiar with the Actiontiles interface, I found it quite easy to implement it with Hubitat. Had I not already had that familiarity, I might be using Dashboard instead. As long as Actiontiles is available for Hubitat, I plan to use it. It does require an active Internet connection as data is exchanged through the cloud, but it allows you to access information and change device status anywhere you have Internet access. You can use it on a PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet or iPhone or iPad. Although I have not tried it, some set up a tablet to run in Kiosk mode and have Actiontiles available at all times as a home automation controller.

Good discussion, appreciate it.

I fully disclose that when it comes tech I'm dumb. I don't have a beef with any dashboard in general but I'm more let down by the overall quality if that makes sense.

Something to pop the screen on triggered via a large object moving by the camera seems like it should be in all the betas already.

If I want a weather tile on my dashboard I should simply have to add tile > enter zip code > more options as needed

Want to add a video feed? Maybe add tile > camera type > more options as needed

Honestly I think I'm just here a little early in the home automation game. Simple thing aren't simple yet.

ya need to look at home assistan and "dwains-dashboard" or "mush room" dashboards then

Lots of us use cams in tiles, it's quite easy.... Have you looked at this thread?

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This is my latest iteration of Joe Page's dashboard which is available on the Google and Amazon store. This is my phone Dashboard which I've actually locked with fully kiosk app to be the actual UI for my phone.

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