Dashboard request: custom tile names

I'd like to be able to set the names/titles of the tiles on my dashboard, instead of them being the name of the device. For example, I have a RM rule to set my lights to a particular configuration if I press a virtual button. This is OK, as I named the button "Movie Mode" and the tile looks good. But instead of 6 different virtual buttons, I'd prefer one virtual device with 6 buttons on it. But I'll never remember what button 5 does! If I name the tile "Kitchen Lights Off" then it becomes obvious.

And I don't need a title on my motion sensor tile saying "Rear Porch Motion Sensor" -- "Rear Porch" would be enough.


Boy, I know! There are a lot of things I'd love to be able to customize in those dashoards. But, did you look at the "show off my dashboards" thread? HOLY SH*T! There is some impressive stuff there. When I get time, I'm totally sitting down to read through that thread!

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I absolutely second that request and have requested it often. All the competing dashboards allow this. It makes for more efficient use of space while allowing the device list to stay better organized by name.


There is a CSS work around. Not ideal but it gets the job done. The first one will simply hide the title and the second will put in what you type into "Content". As @april.brandt mentioned, there is some impressive stuff there, like I've linked to below. There are also a couple of similar threads.