Show Off Your Dashboards!

Not sure who you are asking this, in the "Show off Your Dashboards!" thread, but I'll answer it. Yes. Are they perfect, no. But what you get covers what most people need to control their devices on an automation platform.

Assuming this is in reference to the Device name? You can change that, it's in the Device Details on the hub.

This has been asked for many times and is on the feature request list but our current rationale for not allowing this, is it could cause confusion since the name and label already allow for device display name customization. This may change down the road, but at the current moment, you can change the device label and that shows up in dashboard.

First I've heard of this request to have a slider with preset levels. I'll certainly add it to the list. As for limiting the fan template, unfortunately the current drivers do not have a supportedFanModes to query so those are the values the capability allows so its up to the driver...

This is simply not possible with the current architecture.

You are not required to use dashboard, there are several very good alternatives and no single solution will satisfy every single person's needs.

Of course, anyone is free to build a better dashboard solution as well. It's not an easy task (trust me, I've written several) but we provide Maker API for that reason or you can write your own groovy endpoints and serve up HTML where you see fit.

Hubitat Dashboard is an ever evolving app and will continue to improve and add features requested by our customers.


Hello Nick,

I love your Dashboard layout, I am new to Hubitat and would love it if you could share your Dash code with me, it is close to the vision I had for mine.

Great Work
Thanks Again

@patrick thanks for the reply. Sorry if came across nit picking as I do think overall you guys have developed a great platform which you continue to evolve. I also love watching Hubitat Live and maybe one day I'll actually catch a live broadcast.

I still think the device tile label feature is missing or maybe I'm just missing something.

Lets say you have a device called the "Family Room Floor Lamp" but on the Dashboard you simply want the Tile Label to be, "Floor Lamp" because its on the Family Room Dashboard.

Thanks, Glenn

A possible middle ground would be to display the Device Name instead of or in addition to the Device Type in the Device List. We could use Device Name for "Family Room Floor Lamp" and "Floor Lamp" as the Label (Name). The Dashboard would continue to show the short Label (Name) and we can sort by the Device Name to group items by location or other information in the Device List. The only change to the system would be the Device List page gets an additional column.

All optional so people who like it the way it is can continue to let Device Name be auto populated with the Driver name. While everyone else get's two usable fields.

Actually you bring up a good point. What is the purpose of having a Device Name and a Device Label?

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Actually you could use CSS to change the Tile Label, not as easy as a click 'Override name' option but doable with a copy paste code for each tile:

div[style^="grid-area: 1 / 1 / 2 / 2"] .tile-title {
	visibility: hidden;

div[style^="grid-area: 1 / 1 / 2 / 2"] .tile-title:after {
	content: 'NEW TILE LABEL';
	visibility: visible;
	display: block;

Where grid-area is: "row-start / column-start / row-end / column-end"

So if you want to target the third tile in the second row it would be: "2 / 3 / 3 / 4"
And for a tile with a 2 row width on the first row and column it would be: "1 / 1 / 2 / 3"


Thanks, I'll give that a try.

Is there a way to display a variable (either global or local to a control) on a tile? I've scanned all 420+ messages on this thread and don't think I seen this covered.

I found a way to show which button number was pushed, but would really like to display the time the button was pushed (after capturing it as a variable). Another "nice to have" would be showing the sunrise/sunset times on a tile. but I supposed I might be able to find an external link for that.

Introduced in 2.1.4, you now have a global variable tile and a connector in RM to create the connector device.

Thanks. Can you point me to the documentation? I don't see a "global variable" tile on the list. I see one that lets me enter a variable, but not one that displays a variable.

Excellent -thanks!

swapped out my very slow zipatile with a fire 10 tablet and finally dropped actiontiles too! So much more responsive.

A few things I miss when transitioning from actiontiles..

Moving tile positioning around was a bit clunky, at one point I had filled my dashboard and wanted to swap two tiles around, I couldn’t easily do this without first adding a new row to give it a temporary new home. Actiontiles way of doing this was a bit better, the drag and drop nature of sharptools is paving the way!

I wish you could set the Color and state icons on a per tile basis, Ive got some switches where I want a “warn” Color indicator when off but others I want to fade into the background and only be highlighted when on.

It would also be great to be able to override the tile label. What I might want to label it on the dashboard is often different to what I want to label it in the Hubitat main interface.

Resizing images to fill the size of the tile as an option would be great

And being able to open urls in a model dialogue that overlays the dashboard

I also miss the new icon “effects” that were just introduced in to action tiles for example when it was bin day the bin icon on my dashboard would “bounce” which although a bit gimmicky acted as a good visual cue ... appreciate there are far bigger priorities through :slight_smile:

I did encounter a few glitches with updating icons this often took 2/3 goes (same on iPad running ios13, chrome on windows 10).

Ability to use custom icons and to set icons for links buttons(I tried adding a background image but because the positioning of the image doesn’t match the other switches it looks aesthetically not quite right next to the other switches).

Looking forward to more developments .. great work Hubitat team!

With this and a couple of node red workflows to get rid of my dependency on disabling Arlo cameras, I’m now officially 100% independent on SmartThings !!


Hi there @daniel.john.edge
Was wondering where you got your icons from i have been looking for some icons and can't seem to find any good ones i like yours

These all came from the standard icon selection available in Hubitat dashboard. To my knowledge you can’t import any sort of custom icons can you?


thank you Daniel I'm only new at this only had my he for 3 weeks
but yes i have found it now

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Newbie here. These are my first dashboard attempts. Go easy on me, please...

And, thanks for all the inspiration, all!


great job mate.

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I like it a lot!!

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Love the camera footage in the dashboard. Wish I could do that with my Arlo or Ring, but there's no simple web interface to pull into the dashboard.
What kind of cameras/software are you using? Are the pics of the latest refresh of the camera or updates on motion trigger or what?

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