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I'm looking for some advice on choosing the best dashboard option before I go too far down any particular road. I'm developing some dashboards for use on an Android Tablet, and have checked out the native dashboard app, the android hubitat dashboard app, and sharptools.io

I've done some work with all 3 and so far, I'm finding pros and cons but none of them are standing out as the best option. Even with themes, I'm finding myself doing a lot of one off customization. One feature I'm looking for is to be able to create a template for a particular use case (for example, an ecobee sensor tile that shows both temperature and activity with a particular format, icon and colors), and then apply that directly to other similar tiles, in a way that doesn't require doing the action one at a time. The native dashboard seems the most rigid and awkward, though it has some nice features. The dashboard app let's you do what I described in limited ways (eg change all doors to a particular color or change the On icon on all motion sensors), but it's still a lot of work.
Sharptools seems like it might have the most capability, but I haven't spent enough time to find how to do this yet.

So any thoughts you all can offer based on your experiences would be appreciated! Obviously sharptools has two things against it: cloud-based and subscription fee - but putting those aside, I'd appreciate thoughts in terms of pure capabilities.


I use this one [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

He is very active in developing and supporting. And it's really fast too!

Template I don't know about tho - not gone down that path myself.

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I'll tentatively offer a work in progress solution.... Currently it offers the option to style tiles in the same dashboard with the same settings, but I would love to expand this to a broader offering of "templates" across dashboards, or even sharing templates between users..... Hopefully something built-in will come along soon....

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@hokfujow For myself I'm more of an automation guy than a remote control guy. As long as it's not cloud based it would suit my personal needs which is simply a couple of menus for status' of certain devices.

I bridge my devices to Home Assistant and use their dashboards.

Thanks - will try to check that out.

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Download the Hubitat app