Dashboard not loading and devices not responding

since this morning dashboard local or cloud would not load only got the spinner. devices were working intermittently.

rebooted hub. now dashboard is loading however none of the devices are responding.

edit: also note over the last week or so the devices responses seem to be slower than they used to be before. its gone from instant on to coming on with a slight delay.

My hub hasn’t been the same since the last firmware update. I have had devices stop responding. Others have had issues too:

How many secure zwave devices do you have running?

none. all zigbee. all in one room. had been working fine except for the xiaomi motion sensor till a few days ago.

the symptons are similar however except for the 6 zigbee devices connected to the hub and my own app rooms manager/occupancy i have nothing else loaded on the hub … so a bit surprising.

EDIT: to be precise i also have the dashboard app loaded on the hub.

1 lock that I will be removing this weekend to put back on ST with my other lock. This lock has been in HE for a month so nothing new.

Are you still trying to create dashboards without authorizing all or a single device? If you have tried even once to create a dashboard without authorizing, it can cause an issue. A reboot of the hub should fix it. Next release will fix this issue.

till about a few minutes ago i couldnt control these devices either directly from the portal or through the dashboard or through my own rooms manager app.

suddenly its working again. no reboots since the last time about 3 hours ago. so not sure what changed here.

given that all execution is local on hubitat its puzzling that its working again without any intervention.

nope. not after the first time when i found that didnt work. :slight_smile:

corollary to this issue. i just added a zwave motion sensor to the same room. along the way now the visionic door contact sensor is no longer updating and is now stuck in the closed state.

i have noticed this issue happen before when while discovering other new devices one of the existing devices will get stuck and no longer report updates. this is probably the 4th or 5th time that i have noticed this happen so not a one off.

device discovery not working for for a sylvania osram color bulb.

other previously connected light bulbs when turned on through app not turning on and nothing is showing in the logs for these bulbs but dashboard shows them as being on.

have rebooted hub a couple times already … since nothing is showing in the logs for these bulbs hard to debug anything.

The osram bulbs are notorious for being bad repeaters. Is it possible your troubles are caused by your bulbs? I would try removing them all and see if your zigbee devices start working properly again.

just added the osram bulb this morning. none of the other bulbs are osram.

It sounds like you’ve got interference on your zigbee channel. Have you checked for which wifi bands have the most traffic and set your zigbee channel manually to a lower use band? You may have had a neighbor change their router and start overlapping, or something.

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possible. i am trying to see if my wifi, ST and hubitat hubs are conflicting. so had set wifi 2.4 to channel 1, hubitat zigbee channel to 18 and ST zigbee channel is at 26. hopefully that solves it.

Do you have a lot of devices still on ST? If not, you could try to disable the zigbee on smartthings entirely. One less radio to worry about.

still too many devices on ST. had to get the app ready for hubitat before moving everything over. now that that is done … one maybe two room migration each weekend starting in one corner of the house then moving across.

this seems to have worked out well:

thanks for recommending it.

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