Dashboard Logo click to go back - Disabled on interface, but still working

When I deselect "Allow Logo Click to go back to Dashboard Menu", it still is returning to the list of dashboards. Prior to the flurry of hub updates over the past couple weeks, this restriction worked as advertised.

This is an issue, as I use locked-down web dashboards combined with this setting to restrict access to certain features for particular users. Now they have access to any dashboards I've put together, including those I've reserved for myself.


I just realized this myself. It still goes back even tho disabled. NOT a good thing.

As a temporary fix, you could hide/remove the Dashboard logo using CSS:

.header .dashBack {
  display: none;
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This is still an issue... Has anyone from the Hubitat team seen this?

Are you talking about the new dashboard link or the lagacy? There's a note below for legacy link

The legacy... the new dashboards are useless since we can use the dashboard tiles. How are you supposed to have users navigate without them?

I don't understand your issue with the new dashboard. You can click on the top left icon to go back to all your dashboards.
You can also create a link tiles to another dashboard.

How do you create the link tile on the new dashboard? when i try and use the new dashbaord link and click on the dashboard tile it errors out.

Dashboard Link Tile only work with Legacy Dashboards links

So how exactly am I supposed to use the new dashboard link and the dashboard tile?

Use the "link" template.

Ah... Thank you.

However, I will add this to my dashboard needs updating thread. This really makes no sense to have to type the link in a URL box. The dashboard link tile is a much better implementation. This seems like something that should be done behind the scenes. Just have dashboard link tile use the correct url based on what dashbaord link you are using. Why would I have to type a url to a dashboard with the system already knows it? This actually seems like a downgrade to functionality. The link tile should be for external links... The system should just know and use the correct link.

Closing the loop, this is resolved. Thank you!

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