Dashboard Improvements

I am sure someone has probably already asked for this but...

For the Dashboard editor please consider making a few small changes that would be huge for us end users...

  1. Add the ability to remove the heading for devices. There is no need to see "bulb, fan, switch, etc.
  2. Add the ability to change the tile title. No need to have long device names on a tile for a specific room. Should be simple to do and would be a huge improvement. I want to nickname devices if you will.
  3. Add the ability to have custom on and off icons not just a single one. And the ability to use / add our own icons.
  4. Add the ability to change on / off background images not just the single one.
  5. Add the ability to change the color of the on / off tile right in the tile options.
  6. Add some usability features like smartly does with the ability to reorder with drag and drop etc natively.

7. The dashbaord link tile should work for both new dashbaord and legacy. The system knows the link so why would I have to go find the link and type it in a link tile? Seems like a downgrade for using the new "more secure" links.

The dashboards are cool to have them built in but they could be so much better. Why not start building them out a little so 3rd party options would not be needed :slight_smile:

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Dashboard gear icon -> Options -> Hide Tile Template Names


your number 4, 5, and 6 are all in Template settings.

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The first three, in order of priority shown, would be nice, though.

He's meaning on a per tile / device basis

Still doesn't hurt to outline what is currently available, in case it wasn't immediately obvious, whether that be to @slikone27 or anyone else reading this thread.

That said, I tend to agree with the request, making these quite common adjustments users are likely to be making to any dashboards they setup would make the experience much simpler, if noting else.

not build in, but [RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile! works wonders for this (minus the drag/drop)

Thanks for the replies all! Yes I mean on a per tile basis and built in to the dashboard app. Seems like it would be very easy to add these and have it modify the css and make the dashboards a lot better. Maybe borrow a few features from actiontiles and others as well :slight_smile:

Just overall I think the dashboards could be way more functional and look a little better with not too much work from the devs. Just my 2 cents tho lol

Edit... Hubitat overall is an amazing product and I had the original smartthings, the new samsung smartthings and tried home assistant as well. The device, driver, etc updates have been amazing as well. Just wishing the dashboards would get a little love soon.

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